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BeyondCompare File Comparator Version 2.00 15-Aug-87
Copyright (C) Stepping Stone Software 1987. All rights reserved.

Requirements: PC-DOS / MS-DOS 2.0 or later, 192K RAM available.


BeyondCompare is a line-by-line file comparator. It compares two text
files and then shows you the differences. BeyondCompare is particularly
useful for comparing two source code files or two textual documents.
BeyondCompare accepts the names of two files as input. Typically, the two
files are actually different versions of the same file - an old version and
a new version.

In comparing two files, BeyondCompare repeatedly looks for consecutive
lines of text that are identical in both files (matching sections), and
then reports the lines between the matching sections as differences. The
differences are expressed as the changes, insertions, and deletions that
can be applied to the old version to make it identical to the new version.
BeyondCompare was designed to produce an excellent report of the
differences while keeping the execution time to a minimum.

The "recursive longest matching sequence" algorithm, which was pioneered by
BeyondCompare, is described in the September, 1987 issue of Dr. Dobb's


BeyondCompare is NOT a public domain program, it is a ShareWare product.
If you choose to use BeyondCompare, please send $30 to:

Stepping Stone Software
P.O. Box 2887
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Once this fee is received by Stepping Stone Software:
1) You will receive a BeyondCompare manual.
2) You will be registered as a licensee of BeyondCompare.
3) You may submit enhancement requests and problem reports to Stepping
Stone Software.
4) You will be notified of product enhancements and upgrades.

BeyondCompare is a ShareWare product, and may be distributed from person to
person, subject to the following restrictions.
1) The software must be supplied in its original and unmodified form,
including this documentation file.
2) No fee may be charged.

Feel free to give a copy of BeyondCompare to friends and colleagues to try.
Please remind them that, if they choose to use BeyondCompare, they must
send a $30 fee to Stepping Stone Software.

Thank you for supporting ShareWare!

Tom Steppe

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