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The "ultimate" programmer's editor!.
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The “ultimate” programmer’s editor!.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


User Supported Software

Blackbeard is designed to be a programmer's editor. It
performs the editing tasks a programmer needs, in as fast and
efficient manner as possible. It works the way you expect it to.
The primary use for Blackbeard is for source code editing and it
does all the things you would expect. It also has some word
processing features.


Blackbeard does not come with a voluminous manual. The design
team decided early on that a good editor should not need a large
reference manual; most of the documentation is built in. BBMAN.DOC
describes the Blackbeard documentation philosophy and tells you
how to create a Blackbeard manual.

The Blackbeard diskette should have the following files:

File Description
READ.ME -- Look here first ( this file )
README.TOO -- Version specific information
PRESS.TXT -- Press release info ( good overall feature summary )
FORM.TXT -- Order form ( edit and mail, we thank you )

BB.EXE -- This is it !!! The Blackbeard Editor
BB.HLP -- On-line help file accessed by BB ( not for humans )
BB.LOG -- Log of previous versions, including change info
BBADA.LNG -- Language Sensitive Editing templates for Ada
BBC.EXE -- Key Binding Compiler ( creates BB.KEY )
BBC.DOC -- Key Binding Compiler documentation
BBKEYS.TXT -- Source for default BB Key Bindings
BB.KEY -- Compiled key bindings ( used by BB )

BBMAN.EXE -- Blackbeard Manual Generator
BB.MAN -- Defines the Blackbeard manual. Customizable.
BBMAN.DOC -- Describes how to use BBMAN

BBF.DOC -- Blackbeard Text Formatter Manual
BBF.EXE -- Blackbeard Text Formatter

BB.FNT -- Standard TTY type font ( used by BBF formatter )
HPLASER.FNT -- HP Laser Jet fonts ( bold, underline, etc. )
TP351.FNT -- Toshiba P351
EMX80.FNT -- Epson MX-80

M_BB.MSC -- Mouse systems movement defintion file
M_BB.COM -- Mouse systems compiled menu file.
( note microsoft mouse support is built-in )


Blackbeard can be installed many different ways, but many users
use the following method ( for a hard disk ):

C:\> MD BB -- Create a blackbeard directory in the root
C:\> CD BB -- Change to the directory
C:\BB> COPY A:*.* -- Copy all BB files onto the hard disk
C:\BB> BB C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT -- Use Blackbeard to add to AUTOEXEC.BAT

... Add C:\BB to the PATH command, then ...
... Add the following lines somewhere in the file ...

SET BBPST=C:\ -- Or on RAM disk if available

^Z -- BB Saves File

C:\BB> ctrl-alt-del -- Reboot system


To run blackbeard use:


Blackbeard will display the startup screen and ask you for a file
to edit (if one is not present). For a list of files press enter
on an empty filename.

Use the help facility (ALT-H) or see BB.DOC (first few pages)
about configuration, menus, and start-up options.

NOTE: some features require proper configuration.



Blackbeard includes integral mouse support for the Microsoft
mouse. Mouse movements are tranlsated into cursor movements; the
left button is translated to enter and used to select menu items;
the right button is translated to escape and used to pop-up and
exit menus.

Mouse Systems

The Blackbeard distribution diskette includes a mouse menu
driver for the Mouse Systems Mouse. To use the mouse install the
PC mouse menu driver by running MOUSESYS (this is described in
your Mouse Systems Manual). Run the Blackbeard menu program with
the following command:


This will install a mouse driver for Blackbeard. Mouse
movements are tranlsated into cursor movements; the left button
is translated to enter and used to select menu items; the right
button is translated to escape and used to pop-up and exit menus;
the middle button and pressing the left and right buttons
simultaneously (emulates E) will repeat the last menu command.


The best way to learn how to use Blackbeard (or any product)
is to use it.

Distribution and Registration

As you know software copyright violation is rampant. This is
why we have created Blackbeard. Because Blackbeard is a superior
text editor and available for free distribution, there will be no
need to pirate copyright sfotware to obtain advanced text editing
features. Please feel free to give Blackbeard to you friends. We
are counting on you as a participant in the largest distribution
network in the nation (the owners and users of PCs) to make
Blackbeard a popular product. With strong user support,
Blackbeard will be enhanced with new features and capabilities
making it the programmer's editor of choice.

For twenty (20) dollars you can become a registered owner of
Blackbeard. For your $20.00 you will appease your conscience
about using unregistered software, receive a distinctive
gift, and a copy of the latest version of Blackbeard.

The file FORM.TXT can be used as an order form.


P.O.Box 638
San Bernardino, California 92402

We thank you for your support.

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