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Babble! - A toy for people who love words. This program babbles endlessly in an unlimited number of writing styles. It comes with neat text samples like Sha kespeare, Dick and Jane, etc.
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Babble! – A toy for people who love words. This program babbles endlessly in an unlimited number of writing styles. It comes with neat text samples like Sha kespeare, Dick and Jane, etc.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Babble! 2.0 - Notes and Information
Copyright 1991 by Korenthal Associates, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Babble! is a toy for people who love words. This program babbles
endlessly in an unlimited number of writing styles. You control which
styles are babbled, and you can mix different styles together while
Babble! continues to generate its steady stream of more or less
unintelligible prose.

Babble! is fun to play with solo or as part of a group. It comes with
neat samples like Shakespeare, Dick and Jane, and Firesign Theater,
and includes a plethora of special effects like Lisp, Hangman, and
Subliminal, as well as the ever-surprising Pot Luck. You can even
import your own text samples!

Babble! can be used as a creative tool for writers, an idea scrambler
for brainstorming sessions, and even just as entertainment for people
who love words! Stan Kelly-Bootle of Computer Language (10/90) calls
"More fun than showing your latest spreadsheets
or those tired revolving beach balls."

Installation basically consists of copying the distribution files into
their own subdirectory on a hard disk, or onto a floppy for floppy-
based systems. If you received Babble! in compressed form (i.e. as a
single file called BAB200.ZIP), you can install and run Babble! using
the following commands. (Don't type the comments on the right!)

MD \BABBLE create subdirectory BABBLE
PKUNZIP BAB200 \BABBLE uncompress files into subdirectory
CD \BABBLE move to subdirectory
BABBLE run Babble!

If you're running Babble! on a monochrome graphics screen or a laptop,
and you're having trouble reading the screen, try running the program
with the -MONO option:


If you're *still* having trouble distinguishing bold characters from
normal ones on the slider controls, first try adjusting the brightness
and contrast knobs on your monitor. Then, if that doesn't help, try
running Babble! with the -MARK option:


For more detailed information on installing Babble!, please refer to
Chapter 2 of the manual (the text file BABBLE.DOC).

Printing the Documentation:
When you install Babble!, you should check that none of the files are
missing. The complete list of files comprising the Babble! package is
listed in the text file PACKING.LST.

All documentation files, including PACKING.LST, ORDER.FRM, and all
files ending with the .DOC extension, can be printed using a special
text printing program like 4PRINT (see note below), or by simply
copying each file to PRN. For example:


Note that these documentation files contain form feeds and IBM
extended (box drawing) characters; if your printer can't handle these
high-order characters, you can still view the document on your screen
using the DOS TYPE command, Vern Buerg's venerable LIST program, or
any other ASCII file viewer.

Note: 4PRINT is an HP LaserJet/DeskJet utility offered by Korenthal
Associates which prints four or more pages of text on one sheet of
paper by printing on both sides in landscape mode.

Version 4.0 of 4PRINT can fit *six* full pages of formatted text per
sheet, or even *eight* pages of unformatted text, making it ideal for
printing shareware docs, program listings, BBS or online service
message threads, and other ASCII information.

Please see the text file PRODUCTS.DOC for information about other
products by Korenthal Associates.

Babble! is Shareware:
Babble! is being marketed as shareware. Shareware gives users an
opportunity to evaluate a program before buying it. If you enjoy
Babble! and wish to continue using it after a two-week trial period,
you must order the registered version. You'll receive the full retail
package including typeset manual, nifty keyboard template, and many
more writing samples to enhance your enjoyment of the program.

Please see the text file REGISTER.DOC for more information on the
benefits of becoming a registered user.

For information about shareware and the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP), please see the text file SHR-WARE.DOC.

Uploading Babble! to BBS's:
We encourage you to give copies of the shareware version of Babble! to
your friends and colleagues, and to upload it to any BBS's that you
use. When uploading Babble!, please use the following compressed file
name and description. This will help other users locate the most
current version of the program.

Program name: Babble!
Version: 2.0
File name: BAB200.ZIP (or BAB200.LZH or BAB200.ARC, etc.)
ASP status: Author is member of ASP.
Categories: Humor, Games, Word Games, Creative Tools, AI
Keywords: Humor Game Toy Word Text Writing Brainstorming
Creative Babble Babble! KA ASP

The following sample descriptions are provided for your convenience in
uploading Babble! to BBS's.

o Babble! A toy for people who love words [ASP]
o Babble! A toy for people who love words;
babbles in different writing styles. [ASP]
o Babble! 2.0, A toy for people who love words.
This "text-mixing studio" babbles endlessly
from "writing samples" (like Shakespeare and
Dick and Jane) and "special effects" (like
Pig Latin, Stutter, and Subliminal). You can
mix samples together, and even import your
own text! Reviewed Computer Language 10/90.
Upl/Auth: Korenthal Associates. <>

BBS Sysops and Shareware Disk Vendors: Please see the text file
VENDOR.DOC for more information about distributing Babble!

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Babble! and for supporting
the shareware concept!

The latest version of Babble! and all other KA shareware products can
be found in our support section on CompuServe: PCVENB, Library 3.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of
our products or require additional information.

Korenthal Associates, Inc.
230 West 13th Street
New York, New York 10011

Orders only: (800) KA-PROGS
Information: (212) 242-1790
FAX: (212) 242-2599
CompuServe: [76004,2605]

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