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Smart ASCII to Wordstar file format conversion -Shareware.
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Smart ASCII to Wordstar file format conversion -Shareware.
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ASCII to Wordstar by Joe Kasser Version 1.0

POB 3419
Silver Spring
Md. 20901

Copyright (c) Joe Kasser 1989 - All rights reserved.

____|__ | (tm)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

This program converts an ASCII file to a Wordstar file. It is
smart enough to insert '.lm' commands in the file to keep the
left margins of the document. It will remove the hard carriage
returns from inside paragraphs while at the same time will also
keep short lines as short lines.

Usage: the ASCII file will be renamed to filetype '.BAK'. The
Wordstar format file will then have the same name as the original
ASCII file.

The program is distributed as a Shareware product. You may freely
copy and share the product for non commercial use, with your
friends, associates and other radio hams. If you decide to use
the product, you are asked to become a registered user by
completing the registration form and sending it, together with
the registration fee to the author.

Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive one free
update disk (when available), telephone and mail (electronic and
regular) support.

This product may not be sold or distributed with another product
without the express written permission of Joe Kasser.

Joe Kasser will only support unmodified copies of this software.
Your comments and suggestions for changes are however welcome.
If you are the first to suggest a change that is implemented, you
will be sent a complimentary copy of the disk with the change

Potential Commercial Users please contact Joe Kasser directly for
details of Site licensing.



Registration fees.

Single Copy $10.00
10 - 50 Copies $8.00 per registered copy.
50 - 100 Copies $5.00 per registered copy.
100 + Copies $2.50 per registered copy.

To: Joe Kasser
P O BOX 3419
MD 20901.

TODAY'S DATE _____________

NAME ______________________________________________

ADDRESS ___________________________________________


CITY ___________________________________________

STATE _________ POSTCODE ____________ TELEPHONE ____________

DISK SIZE 5.25 _____ 3.5 ____ Other ? _____________

I enclose a check for ______. Please register me as a user of
ASCWS. I am currently using Version ______ which I obtained
from _________________________________________.

Please send me the latest version of ASCWS or if a more recent
one does not exist at this time, confirm my registration and add
my name to the list to receive a free update when it becomes


Comments, likes, dislikes, wish list, etc.


Other PC Software by Joe Kasser G3ZCZ

STARTREK The Computer Program

An ideal task for the beginner to learn a language on is a
simulation game which is written around the computer that
the beginner has available. For in that case, there is
complete control of all inputs and outputs, This kind of
game in which the player makes decisions based on the
information available to him or her available at the time),
can be made sufficiently sophisticated and complex so as to
make writing it an adequate challenge for anybody.

The techniques used in writing a good game are the same that
programmers use in professional activities. Writing a good
game poses a challenge that allows you to develop good
habits and techniques for programming and also allows you to
learn a language in an interesting manner. By taking an
orderly approach to the game design, complex operations may
be clearly understood and converted to computer code with
the aid of a language reference manual, irrespective of the
language being used.

This product teaches the techniques for writing such a game
using the STARTREK game as an example, and the BASIC
language as the programming language in which to write the

Registration fees.

Single Copy $15.00
10 - 50 Copies $12.00 per registered copy.
50 - 100 Copies $10.00 per registered copy.
100 + Copies $8.00 per registered copy.

This is available as Shareware from Joe Kasser. Send a
blank formatted disk and an SASE for a copy or save time and
money and register as a user by sending a check for the
registration fee according the the schedule posted above.
Request Startrek - The Computer Program and specify disk
size (3.5 or 5.25 inches).


LAN-LINK runs on the IBM PC and clones. It is a Personal
Ham Radio Terminal Program providing a window into the Local
Area Network (LAN) for the PK-232, MFJ1278, KAM, TNC-1 and
TNC-2. It uses menus and function keys to allow the user to
communicate rather than to adjust the TNC parameters most of
which he doesn't understand anyhow. For example, consider
this list of some of the features built into the program.

Capable of recognizing your call in a Packet BBS "Mail"
beacon, automatically connecting and downloading your

messages. Capable of automatically requesting bulletins
from the packet BBS on subjects that interest you.
Conference mode in multi-connect situations. Split screen
operation for incoming and outgoing text as well as terminal
status information. Menu and function key driven. Alert
signal to let you know when a predetermined call shows up in
a packet header on frequency. Automatic capture-to-disk
recording of all packet radio connects. Automatic indication
of number of Packet connects.

Smart Packet Mode Printer control. Turns off at disconnect.
Indicator that a specific station designated as the 'target'
call connected while you were away. Automatic NET/ROM and
KA-Node path set up from LAN-LINK.DIR call/path directory
file. Local Area Network (LAN) message store and forward.
Capable of automatic connect attempts to download a message
from an other LAN-LINK station in the LAN. Path
determination to Dx station.

Will call CQ repetitively and either work the connect and
keep going after disconnect or signal you when a reply is
received. Automatic optimized configuration of the PK-232,
KAM or TNC for each communications mode. Function key
'OVER' feature. AMTOR/PACKET MSO and Selective Automatic
Answering Machine capability with display of message queue.

Automatic Beacon Mode CQ caller in Packet and AMTOR communi-
cations modes. Automatic logbook entries for Packet and
Beacon mode AMTOR Connects, semi automatic logbook entries
for other modes. Automatic TNC parameter configuration for
HF and VHF packet. Automatic CQ caller. Will call CQ
repetitively and signal you when a reply is received.

RTTY SELCAL. RTTY Navy MARS File Transfer Protocols (PK-232
only). Contest operation, sends standard message and
automatically increments QSO count.

Single keystroke set up to receive UOSAT-OSCAR 9 and Phase 3
RTTY Telemetry (PK-232 only). SAREX Support modes.

10 File buffers for custom messages which can be viewed on-
line. Log file is compatible to that of the G3ZCZ CONTEST
program can be processed by the G3ZCZ DBASE Logbook Package
of PC-HAM. for indexed listings, tracking of DXCC and other
AWARDS, etc. Event scheduler.

All this and more is available in LAN-LINK, which is
designed to maximize your AMTOR and packet enjoyment yet
cut down the amount of time to spend connected to a BBS.

LAN-LINK is being distributed as Shareware in which the user
can try it out before registering his copy. Registered
copies which entitle the owner to upgrades and full support
are available from the author at $35.00. Users of earlier
versions of LAN-LINK and of PK232COM Version 1.48 may

upgrade by sending in a blank formatted disk and SASE.

LAN-LINK is written, maintained and upgraded by Joe Kasser,
G3ZCZ author of numerous magazine articles and two books
about Microcomputers and Amateur Radio.

If you are not using LAN-LINK, then you are not on the LAN.



Full blown HAM RADIO logging package. With automatic check
of logs for awards such as DXCC. Allows you to recall any
entry by call sign within seconds. Indexed displays,
QSL'ing, Contest mode QSLing (prints the lot) and lots more.
Needs dBASE3. Can convert your LAN-LINK.LOG file to LAN-
LINK.DBF to put this package to work.


Keeps Dupes in memory, logs QSO's to disk in format which
can be proecessed by the LOGBOOK package. Needs BASIC.


Sweepstakes game written in BASIC. Work the ARRL
Sweepstakes contest on your computer. You are located just
outside Washington DC. A propagation model is built in to
the program. This program is REQUIRED training for all
sweepstakes operators. Program is described in detail in
'Software for Amateur Radio' by Joe Kasser G3ZCZ, published
by TAB Books, Blue Ridge Summit, PA. 17214.


Predict HF Propagation for given days. Contest mode with
printout to whole world at hourly intervals. Needs BASIC.

This software AND MORE comprises PC-HAM which is available
as Shareware from G3ZCZ. Send a blank formatted disk, SASE,
and a QSL card for a copy or save time and money and
register as a user for $36.50 (half of $73). Request PC-HAM
and specify disk size (3.5 or 5.25 inches).


The Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) has established
standards for its members and for any organization which has "ASP
Approved" status. The ASP wants to make sure that the shareware
principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a problem
with an ASP member or organization (other than technical
support), the ASP may be able to help. Please write to

The ASP Ombudsman, P.O. Box 5786, Bellevue, WA 98006, USA.

You are encouraged to copy the floppy disk and share it freely
with others. You have the luxury of trying out the product at
your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

After you have used the material for a reasonable evaluation
period (90 days), you should either discontinue use of the
material or register your copy. Your support is important and
greatly appreciated. With it, Shareware authors are encouraged
to design and distribute new products. Without it, a great deal
of high quality, low cost software will cease to be available.

Why pay at all?

* You receive support from the author.
* You receive a CURRENT copy of the program.
* Your input and ideas help shape future products.
* A sense of pride and ownership in having honestly
participated in the Shareware revolution.
* You help to keep software prices down by supporting a
distribution method which doesn't depend on expensive
advertising campaigns.

Be aware of the following restrictions, designed to protect the
community of Shareware users and to prevent greedy people from
taking unfair advantage of the trust, hard work and good will of
Shareware authors.

1. No price or consideration may be charged for the material.
However, a distribution cost may be charged for the cost of
the diskettes, shipping and handling, not to exceed $6.

2. The files and programs on the disks may not be modified or

3. The material cannot be sold as part of some other more
inclusive package.

4. The material cannot be "rented" or "leased" to others.

5. The end user must be told clearly in writing on the outside
of the package and in all advertising that the diskette(s)
are "Shareware."

6. The package must contain a written explanation that the disk

is for evaluation purposes, and that an additional
"registration fee" is expected by the author, if the
material is used beyond an initial evaluation period.

7. In the case of distribution via any telecommunications link,
the following must be done:

An error checking protocol must be used.

The individual files must be combined into, and transferred
in a library or archive format.

8. Shareware distribution is permitted only in the United
States, Canada, England, and Australia.

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