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Print ASCII files in page format.
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Print ASCII files in page format.
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Contents of the FLIST.DOC file


FLIST.EXE provides a means of printing ASCII text files with margins,
pagination, and headings.

To use FLIST simply type:

FLIST filename.typ

where: filename is the name of a text file
typ is the file extension of the file

note: you may include a drive specification (e.g. A:)
and a path (e.g. \TEXT\) if necessary to specify
where the file is to be found


There are several options that FLIST will recognize. All option
specifications must be entered on the command line one space after the file
name and type with no spaces between the option specifiers. For example:


will print this file using the 12 pitch mode of an Epson compatible

You may include one of the following pitch options:

0 or 10 for 10 characters per inch
2 or 12 for 12 characters per inch
7 or 17 for 16/17 characters per inch

If your printer is not Epson compatible I will be happy to make you a
working copy if you will share your printer manual with me for a short
time. Yes, this is another one of my creations.

If your printer is a wide carriage printer and you are using wide paper you
can include the letter W among the options and flist will use the full
width of the paper where necessary.

You may also include the letter I as an option. You must be logged into
the directory that contains FLIST.EXE to use this option. It overrides
everything else and puts you into the installation mode of FLIST. You will
be asked for the following information:

Current default options are:
default pitch (10, 12, or 17) = 12 :
top margin (0 - 5 lines) = 3 :
left margin (0 - 8 spaces) = 3 :
print lines / page (60-63) = 62 :
wide paper (0 = NO, 1 = YES) = 0 :

Please enter your answers in integer numeric form paying strict attention
to the options and limits indicated. A carriage return indicates that you
do not wish to change the current value.


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