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Append text files to each other. Nice utility.

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*** Append-It Version 1.0 - 09/15/92 ***
Simple and easy to use yet extremely useful
utility, which combines ASCII text files.
Has thousands of uses, for example the
creation of master file listings on a BBS
plus many, many other endless uses.
Append-It combines the contents of one ASCII
text file with another to make one document.
It's FAST, which means it processes files
(even large documents up to 1 megabyte in
size) within just seconds. (Shareware) Try
Append-It today!

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Append text files to each other. Nice utility.
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Contents of the APPENDIT.DOC file


Append-It Version 1.0
A Utility To Combine ASCII Text Files
Copyright (C) 1992 Lightning Software, All Rights Reserved
Written And Coded By Robert L. Folmer

***Bear Cat BBS Home Of Lightning Software (404) 739-1216***

Append-It 1.0 is distributed without warranty. In no event
will Lightning Software be liable to you for any damages from
running this program. Including any loss of profits, lost
savings, or other incidental or consequential damages arising
out of your use of or inability to use the program, even if
Lightning Software or a authorized representative has been
advised of the possibility of such damages.
Lightning Software will not be liable for any such claim by
any other party. All risk associated with using this program
are the complete responsibility of the user.

Append-It is a simple small and fast utility that takes the
contents of one ASCII text file and combines it with another ASCII
text file. There are literally thousands of uses for such a utility
and a good example of one is to make a master listing of files on
a bulletin board system (BBS). There are several programs out there
that does this same task, however Append-It is designed with both
speed and flexibility in mind. Append-It processes files FAST!
Normally Append-It can process files up to 95% faster than all
other utilities of it's kind. Please remember that Append-It is
shareware, it is in NO WAY free software! If you find Append-It to
be a useful utility for you, then you are required to send a $10
registration fee. The evaluation version of Append-It has a few
restrictions, for a overview of what the unregistered version can
and cannot do please see the registration section of this guide.

Append-It is very easy to install, it can be installed on either a
floppy diskette or run from systems equiped with a hard disk drive.
To install Append-It onto a floppy diskette, simply format a disk
to hold all of the Append-It files, then simply uncompress the
Append-It archive to the newly created disk. To install Append-It
on a system equiped with a hard disk drive, simply create a
directory to hold all of the Append-It files, then simply uncompress
the Append-It archive into the newly created directory. Append-It
is now completely installed and ready to run! To start Append-It
please follow the simple instructions below.

Running The Program


Append-It is very easy to operate, the program offers two methods of
processing files, 1 is the manual method, and the next is the
automated method. The manual method of processing will allow you to
enter the source and target names from Append-It. And the automated
method allows you to enter this information from the DOS prompt
when you start Append-It. Note that only the manual method of
processing is included with the evaluation version. The most
important thing to remember is the source filename is the file which
you will be appending to, and the target is the file which will be
added to the end of the source. The following shows how to start
Append-It in the manual mode...


The above command entered at the DOS prompt will start Append-It in
the manual mode, after typing the above you will see Append-It's
title screen and then you will notice that the program is prompting
you for a source name and path. Here enter the full path and
filename to the file you wish to add to. Now Append-It will prompt
you to enter a target name and path, simply enter the full path and
filename of the file you wish to add to the source file. Below shows
an example...



The above example will append the contents of the README.1ST file to
the end of the README.DOC file. After Append-It is done processing
it will create a file named APPENDIT.NEW in the directory you run
Append-It from, this is appended files, you may then rename the file
to whatever you wish.


To operate Append-It in the automated mode is really just as easy as
using the program in the manual mode, the only real difference is
that you would enter the source and target filenames from the DOS
prompt. The following is an example on how to start Append-It in the
automated mode and append files...


The above example will start Append-It in the automated mode, and
append the source file C:\DOS\README.DOC to the target file
C:\DOS\README.1ST, as you may have noticed the only differences in
starting Append-It in the automated mode is that you include the
source path and filename first on the command line, then you include
the + character before the target path and filename, this character
tells Append-It to add the target file to the source file. As with
the manual method of running Append-It, the automated method will
create the APPENDIT.NEW file. When Append-It is done processing the
program will drop back to the DOS command line.


Using Batch Files With Append-It
Append-It can be installed and run from a batch file if using the
automated method of processing. This feature is useful to create
master file listings for Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's), the
following example shows how to create a simple master file listing
for a Bulletin Board System...


The above example may look confusing at first, but it is really quite
simple. First the batch file will set the DOS echo feature to off,
this keeps from echoing the commands to the screen. Then changes to
the Append-It directory. Then starts Append-It in the automated mode
and begins processing, appends the D:\FILES\UPLOADS\FILES.LST file to
the D:\FILES\DOSUTILS\FILES.LST file, since Append-It always creates
the updated version in it's current directory we now have a file
called APPENDIT.NEW in the C:\BBS\APPENDIT directory, now the next
couple of lines, simply adds each file listing to the APPENDIT.NEW
file, then when done renames the file to MASTER.LST, copies the file
to the systems upload directory, then deletes the file from the
Append-It directory. Note that this is just a example of using
Append-It, you could do many other different functions, such as
run a compress utility when done and copy the compressed file to your
new uploads directory so that it is set to download. Plus if your
system is capable of running events, then this entire process could
be automated. Use your imagination, remember that you are in no way
limited with Append-It!

Append-It 1.0 is being distributed under the shareware concept,
you are free to use this product for a period of 30 days after
which you must either register the program or discontinue it's use.
Registration is only $10.00, registering Append-It will allow you to
process files directly from the DOS prompt or a batch file, and will
get rid of the UNREGISTERED notices contained in the program, the
evaluation version is limited to manual processing only. When you
register Append-It you will receive a fully operational version of
of the software on your choice of 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" disk and a key
file that will display your registration number on the title screen.
As well as the latest version, complete printed documentation and
full lifetime support. To register your copy please complete the
included form (REGISTER.FRM) and return it to the address on the


Questions And Or Comments
If you have questions or comments about this or any other
Lightning Software product, please write to the address below
or call the Lightning Software Support BBS (Bear Cat BBS)
at (404) 739-1216 24 hours a day.

Lightning Software
P.O. Box 177
Lithia Springs, Ga 30057

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