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Ansi and Text file viewer. Supports mouse.
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Ansi and Text file viewer. Supports mouse.
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Contents of the ANSIVIEW.TXT file

ANSI/TEXT VIEWER Ver 2.0! By: Ziggy-STarDust

Here it is! The latest version of ANSI/TEXT VIEWER! Everything has
changed and the code has been cleaned up a lot. All the Bugs that I know
of have been Zapped! But if you do come across any, leave me E-Mail at the
BBS listed below.

Here is a list of the changes/Additions in this version:

1. Mouse support. You can change the size of a window, tag/un-tag files,
select files for view, etc...

2. New file handling window. This window allows you to TAG files you
want to view and shows them to you like a slide show. You can also
zoom the window in and out for a bigger list of files. Press S or the
right Mouse button for sort options.

3. Auto-Detect ANSI or text. Basically, if the file is ANSI, it will show
you the file in ansi! If the file is text or anything else, you will
have a window come up that allows you to scroll through the text.

4. Abort ANSI. If you press ESC while viewing the ANSI it will abort back
to the File window or go the next ANSI that is tagged.

5. Text Window. Any file that is not ANSI will show up in this window.
You can zoom the window in and out, Scroll through the text, and press
ESC to exit the window.

I guess that's it for the mods.

Alright, just in case you don't know how to use the program, here is a list
of commands:

From the DOS PROMPT:

If you want ANSI/TEXT VIEWER to show only the *.ANS files or *.TXT files or
whatever, the you can pass the command through the command line like this:


or just leave it blank and it will default to *.*

From the main File Window:

Spacebar - Tag/Un-Tag a file
ALT-T - Tag all files
ALT-U - Un-Tag all files
F5 - Zoom In/Out
F10 - Views this file
ESC - Quit
S - Sort options
Mouse - Everthing

While Viewing ANSI's:

ESC - Aborts the ANSI and returns to the FILE WINDOW or goes
to the next TAGGED file.


While Viewing TEXT files:

Arrow Keys - Scroll through the text
F5 - Zoom the window In/Out
ESC - Exits the window and returns to the FILE WINDOW or goes
to the next TAGGED file.
Mouse - Everything


This Version of ANSI/TEXT VIEWER is not handicapped in anyway!

New Versions of ANSI/TEXT VIEWER are under development. Some of the features
include viewing ANSI's from Zipped files, Viewing Zipped files, Unzipping,
Unarcing, maybe unarjing files, ENHANCED ANSI Viewing, ANSI Music, and the
list goes on and on.

If you want new versions as they come out, you can achieve this in the
following manner:

1. Send a blank money order for $10.00 per version, $25.00 Lifetime to:

P.O. BOX 416

2. Give me a generous amount of file points and access to your Board.
If you would like to go this route, leave me a message on the
DIVER'S COVE BBS @ 504-340-9725 User #40. Make sure you leave
your BBS Number, Name, Access Password, and an account #.


If you find a bug or want something added, you can reach me at the DIVER'S
COVE BBS @ 504-340-9725 user #40. Drop me a letter with your comments.



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