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Strip Ansi Control Code from Text.
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Strip Ansi Control Code from Text.
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Contents of the ANSIOUT.DOC file

ANSIOUT (c) 1990 By KASE Registration Fee: $0

Removes ANSI control codes from text files. For example, if you capture
data from a BBS sending ANSI codes, the resulting file may end up with
lines that look like:

[34m<[37mC[34m>[37mhange .... [36mCollection selection
[34m<[37mL[34m>[37mist ...... [36mDirectory of files
[34m<[37mN[34m>[37mew ....... [36mFiles since your last call

This utility removes those codes.

USAGE: ANSIOUT inputfile outputfile [/!]

Use the /! switch to bypass any Press any key... prompts.
e.g., ANSIOUT ansifile clean /!

If the outputfile already exists, you will be prompts for permission.
to overwrite.

For updates to this program, or if you are a golfer, dial into the DBK BBS
at (313) 662-9160

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