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Remove ANSI control codes from text files.
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Remove ANSI control codes from text files.
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Stips ANSI codes from a document

Written by Monte Ferguson

Comments, questions, contributions, etc, should be sent to:
Monte Ferguson
833 W. Highland
Ravenna, Oh

ANSI-RIP will read a Source file, remove any ANSI codes it finds, and write
the result out to a TARGET file.

USE: I wrote this program to allow me to print capture files that I had
gotten from BBS's with the "color" option on. As you probably know, the BBS
software changes your screen colors with ANSI codes that get captured along
with the text... This can be troubling if you're sending the output to a

This program is written in BASIC, and must be run through the BASIC or
BASICA interpreter (call up BASICA from your DOS disk, enter LOAD "ANSI-RIP",
and type RUN. When the program finishes, type SYSTEM to get back to DOS).

The program will prompt you for a SOURCE file: This is the name of the file
that you want to convert. It will then ask your for a TARGET: This can be
either another file, or a device (such as LPT1:, your printer). The program
will then start the conversion, and keep you informed as to how the
conversion is progressing...

I didn't compile this program, because it's pretty simple, and I didn't want
to make this a 30k ARC. If you find that this program is too slow for your
needs, send me $10.00 to cover Postage, Handling and Pizza expenses, and I'll
send to a compiled version.


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