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Divide ASCII text files into odd and even page files to print both sides.
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Divide ASCII text files into odd and even page files to print both sides.
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NOTE!! PRINTIT! is no longer included in the archive with ALTPAGE
since I've had people express a desire to use their own formatting
utility to print the Odd/Even files. Also, PRINTIT! has been rewritten
to be a general use formatting utility that allows the user to set the
margins at the top, bottom and left edge and determine the number of
lines per page that are printed. ALTPAGE now allows you to set the
number of lines/page so you must remember the count and enter it into
PRINTIT! when you do the actual printing.

Version 2.1 - November 7,1986
This new release has some assembly language routines included that
help to speed up processing, mostly in the screen handling
areas...also cleared up a minor bug with the Title page that only
appeared at certain times. A CGA adapter (or equivalent such as T1000)
is recommended...the new code makes a lot of ROM BIOS calls so close
compatibles are needed to use the new version.

Alternate Page Print Utility v2.1

This is the new release version of a utility that will allow you to
split up an ASCII text file and print it on both sides of your printer
paper, thereby cutting paper costs in half!

This program is released as Shareware; it is the copyrighted property
of Armada Software and is for private, non-profit use only. It may
not be sold, combined or packaged with other programs without express
written permission from ASL.

How to use ALTPAGE

Start by running the program. It will ask for the name of
the file that you wish to split up into even and odd pages. You must
give a valid filename (drive:filename.ext) or this version of the
program bombs out. If the input filename is okay, the program will ask
for the drive to write the 'split files' onto....for example A or A:
are valid drivenames. Altpage then begins working and divides the file
into 56 line sections and creates two new files called ODD.TXT and
EVEN.TXT. There must be room for these two files on your drive or
we'll bomb out again! Assuming that everything is done correctly, you
now have the text divided and ready to print. is provided to allow you to correctly print the even and
odd pages. The ODD.TXT file MUST be printed first (well I designed it
that way but it might work the other way too). Start with the print-
head at the very top of the paper. A margin of 5 lines at the top and
5 lines at the bottom will be automatically provided. Printit will
output 56 lines of text in addition to the margins for a total of 66
lines per page.

After ODD.TXT is printed, remove the paper from the printer (allow an
extra sheet at the bottom in case the even pages run slightly longer
than the odd) and flip the paper over and reinsert it into the prin-
ter. Again, make sure that the printhead is at the top of the page and
run Printit, this time specifying EVEN.TXT as the file to be printed.
When the printout is complete, you will have printed your text file
using both sides of the paper.

Remember, this program only works with straight ASCII text files. Some
word processors write their output in a special format or set the
parity bit (7) for special functions. If you think that your file may
contain graphics or other characters with the high bit set, I suggest
that you run your file through the STRIP2.COM program that is included
with this release of ALTPAGE. It will remove formfeeds and convert all
characters with the parity bit set to a printable form...and its FAST!
To use the strip program, run it in the following manner:

STRIP2 < d:infile.ext > d:outfile.ext

D: is the drive letter (optional) and infile.ext is the filename and
extention of the file to be stripped while outfile.ext if the name of
the new file that you will be creating that will be in ASCII form. Now
use ALTPAGE on the stripped file to split your text into even and odd

The registration fee for is $20.00 which entitles the user
to a disk containing the complete collection of our utilities. Some of
the programs on the registration disk have never been released as

Send your check or money order for $20.00 to:

Jack A. Orman
Armada Software
Box 858
Southaven, MS 38671

Comments and suggestions are welcome...
On GEnie send e-mail to J.Orman
On Delphi send to username JAO.
On Compuserve to ID# 72261,677

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