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ANSILTR2.ARC - collection of ANSI letter templates
2nd Edition

by DJ Chuang

This ARC contains the following files:

ANSILTR2.DOC - this document
ANSILTR6.ANS - 2 thinline doublebars ANSI font
ANSILTR7.ANS - outline ANSI font
ANSILTR8.ANS - bubbly/hotdog ANSI font
ANSILTR8.AN2 - bubbly/hotdog ANSI font (part 2)
ANSILTR9.ANS - pseudo-stencil ANSI font
ANSILTRA.ANS - shadowed ("PROCOMM") ANSI font

The best ANSI screen maker utility by consensus of ANSI artists
I've had contact with is TheDraw (current version is 3.10, by
TheSoft Programming Services and Ian Davis) which now supports
animation and still images and much more. One of the things
that makes ANSI screen creation difficult to start with is
creating good looking lettering for the ANSI screen (often for
BBS welcome/intros).

I've taken some time to make a generic set of alphabets that can
be easily used in an ANSI screen with other graphics and
information for ease in creating ANSI screens that look sharp.
These alphabet and numbers are created with integration to
TheDraw in mind.

How do you use these templates? With TheDraw's multi-screen
editing, you can load up each of these templates in separate
pages and still have a page left over for your main screen.
What you do is use the ALT-B command to block off a letter and
copy it to an empty part of the screen and compose a word. Then
you can move the word to your main ANSI screen and begin to
compose your BBS title, or whatever you need the lettering for.
If you wish to add shading, select a different color and go
around the letter and use the ALT-F6 block graphics set. To
switch colors of the letters is a simple task using the ALT-B to
switch color attribute.

If you found these ANSI samples useful and/or have any ideas for
additional fonts, please drop a note to the author. No fee
may be charged for the distribution of this program and its
documentation. The contents of this ARC file must be unmodified
and distributed as a whole.

DJ Chuang

DJ can be reached via E-mail on: (preferably on the first two)

SMCIS (301)862-3160, 24 hours 3/12/24 bauds.
MBT (703)552-8767, 24 hours 3/12/24 bauds.
CompuServe 70441,2547