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Another Editor v1.70 - text (ASCII) editor with Turbo Pascal source.

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AE -- Another Editor Version 1.7
with Turbo Pascal Source Code

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Another Editor v1.70 – text (ASCII) editor with Turbo Pascal source.
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AE.EXE 48688 22821 deflated
AE.PAS 7238 1473 deflated
AE0.PAS 19879 4173 deflated
AE1.PAS 27376 5535 deflated
AE2.PAS 18326 2373 deflated
AE3.PAS 31111 6408 deflated
AE4.PAS 38054 7550 deflated
AE5.PAS 47267 7619 deflated
AEMANUAL.TXT 26388 8949 deflated
CHANGES.TXT 4039 1811 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 67 67 stored
MERGE.EXE 9792 6514 deflated
MERGE.PAS 6547 1891 deflated
README.TXT 2621 1217 deflated
SPLIT.EXE 10256 6702 deflated
SPLIT.PAS 10960 2584 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

AE -- Another Editor Version 1.7
with Turbo Pascal Source Code

AE -- Another Editor
Version 1.7

by Dick Alstein

AE is a text editor for MS-DOS compatibles, written in Turbo

1. Conditions of use

The package is Freeware. This means that I retain the copyright,
but you may copy and use the software under the following

* You may make copies of the program for your own use or to give
them away. Copies given to other persons should be accompanied
by this notice, the manual file and the full original source

* No money whatsoever is to be charged for copies of the program
or for any part of it.

* Use of the software is at your own risk.

* You may modify the source code to fix bugs or to adapt it to
your own needs. However, you should clearly indicate where and
how you have changed the source code, and give the program a
new sub-version number. Better still, if you think that the
changes are real improvements, please send them to the address
below, so that I can incorporate them in the next version of AE.

2. Installation

Installing AE consists of simply copying the program AE.EXE to
your harddisc or floppy disc. It requires MS-DOS version 2.0 or
higher, and a minimum of 140 kilobytes of free memory.

The full AE package contains the following files:

README.TXT This notice
AE.EXE The compiled program
AEMANUAL.TXT User's manual
CHANGES.TXT List of changes from version 1.4
AE.PAS Source code of the main program
AE0.PAS .. AE5.PAS Source code of the units
SPLIT.EXE Utility to split large files
SPLIT.PAS Source code of same
MERGE.EXE Utility to merge files
MERGE.PAS Source code of same

If you suspect the program of being infected by a virus (or by a
nasty programmer) you can recompile it. It can be compiled with
Turbo Pascal version 5.0 or later.

Please note: Besides the main program AE.PAS and the units AE0.
PAS trough AE5.PAS, you will also need the file TCMVSMEM.OBJ to
recompile the program. This is an object code file containing two
screen routines. It is part of TurboCalc, one of the examples
delivered with every copy of Turbo Pascal. It is not included in
the AE package because Borland holds the copyright.

3. Finally

For bug reports, suggestions for improvements and questions,
please contact:

Dick Alstein
Lijnslagerstraat 204
5625 BP Eindhoven
The Netherlands

e-mail: [email protected]

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