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Allows you to add two text files side by side.
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Allows you to add two text files side by side.
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Contents of the ADDCOL.DOC file

ADDCOL, version 1.0.
Joins two files horizontally.
Written by Walter Kennamer, 74025,514, 5/25/85.

USAGE: ADDCOL input1 input2 output
For example,

ADDCOL a.txt b.txt c.txt

instructs the program to join files 'a.txt' and 'b.txt' together, forming a
new file 'c.txt'. The join is done horizontally, so that the first line in
file c.txt is made up of the first lines from a.txt and b.txt.

Lines cannot be longer than 1000 characters. The output file will contain the
same number of lines as the 'input1' file. If 'input2' is longer than
'input1' the excess lines will be discarded. Wildcards are not supported.

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