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Large-Text Word Processer for laptop users and the visually impaired.
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Large-Text Word Processer for laptop users and the visually impaired.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

The 20/20 Word Processor
Copyright 1991 Codesmiths, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

20/20 is a large-type word processor. Using one of seven sizes of text,
from "small" at 50x16 to "huge" at 12x3, both laptop and vision impaired
computer users will find editing text to be far easier than ever before.

Laptop computer displays are low contrast and hard to read, especially in
the terrible 80x25 display modes. 20/20 runs entirely in a large-text
environment, using custom engineered display fonts. Laptop word-processing
will become a pleasure instead of a pain. W/P tasks were never so fun!

Desktop computer users will also benefit from 20/20's enlarged text modes.
From the convenience of word processing without your reading glasses to
the needs of the vision disabled (who may never have been able to word-
process before), the 20/20 editor is a blessing and near-miracle!

20.EXE - Totally self-contained large-text word processor.
20.DOC - 20/20 documentation in ready-to-print format.
ORDER.20 - Shareware order blank. Fill out & mail in!
READ.ME - This file.

Best wishes!

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