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Shareware FaxServer for Windows NT. You need QL2 Fax Software for this to work.

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Shareware Faxserver for Windows NT you need
QL2 Fax Software for this to work.
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*** created by the authors of BigSky ROMs ***

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Shareware FaxServer for Windows NT. You need QL2 Fax Software for this to work.
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Shareware Faxserver for Windows NT you need
QL2 Fax Software for this to work.
*** Archive description file (file_id.diz)***
*** created by the authors of BigSky ROMs ***
This fax server program works in conjunctions with Ql2fax for windows
produced by Smith microsytems at 714-362-5810. I got it from Practical
peripherals for $24.00, they can be reached at 805-496-7707.
When installing ql2fax for windows intall both the windows and dos versions
as my program needs the dos version of the convert program since the windows
version does not handle .pcl files.

Enough said...

This program continually starts up every so often and looks
for .pcl files in the user defined spooling directory. Once one is found
it calls the ql2fax convert (dos version) program and converts the pcl file
to a .qfx file which can be sent by ql2fax. It then asks you for the number/
person/ etc. to send the fax to or allows you to pull up the default ql2fax
fax phone list and select a recipient from there. Once it has all information
it writes the correct ql2fax temp files and calls up the class2 fax manager.
The data is then faxed.

To use it you set up a print driver for hp laserjet series II to FILE and
simply print when it comes up and prompts you for a file you enter the spooling
directory that the fax server program is looking for: make sure you also enter
a file name with a .pcl extension.

ie. e:\temp\test.pcl

In order to use this server you need to install the hp laserjet
Series II printer driver into Windows NT and set it up to print to a file.
You also need to change the default options under

job defaults

Uncheck the
scan for rules and
download true type fonts options

as these will not work correctly with the convert program. Make sure
your changes take as if these options are checked the convert program will

You also need to copy the file lk.ql2 to the default ql2faxw directory:
copy lk.ql2 e:\ql2faxw

You also need to copy the lk.tmp file to the default ql2 outbox


copy lk.tmp e:\ql2faxw\outbox

There are defaults to the fax server program as follow:

spooler directory = e:\temp
ql2fax directory = e:\ql2faxw
startup time = 1 minute.
-1 this sets the program to use a class 1 fax driver instead of class 2
(class 2 is the default)

these can be overidden by specifying the -S -F and -s options respectively.

the command:
fax -h

will display a help message describing the options in more detail.


Ql2fax does not work 100% with windows NT. The fax stuff works but the
communications stuff will not.

After installing it you still need to configure it correctly so the fax s/w
will work. After startup it will tell you that it could not open the comm.
port... continue anyway. Here are the options that I set:

Line SEttings:

baud rate: 57600
data bits: 8
parity: none
stop bits: 1
flow control: hardware

when you select OK it will tell you that it doesn't own the com port and cant
set the settings. Select cancel after ok and the settings are written to the config
file anyway.

modem setup:

I use ATZ as my init string instead of the default one

set answer mode to fax only since the data com stuff doesn't work.

also set it to answer on the number of rings you desire
(the ql2fax) receive works fine!!!!!!

Under hardware set whether you have a class 1 or class 2 fax.
(class 2's will work ok in class 1 mode but not vice-versa)

Send fax setup:

The following should be checked all remaining unchecked:

Center text/graphics on page
High resolution
Include cover page
Remove fax manager after send
Run fax manager maximized (if you want to see what is going on)
Rts/cts control flow on fax send

You can also set the max baud rate to 14400 if you have a fax that supports
v.17 14400 fax speeds.

I also changed the margins to .2 inches.

Receive fax options:

Put it a fax id string
and check enable fax rec. at fax manager startup and
run fax manager maximized

The rest of the options are up to you but don't check dedicate cpu
or the spawn qlII option.

Cover Page setup:

everything should be filled in and if you want a logo on the cover page
give it the path to a .pcx file in the cover page graphic box.

Finally you should fill in names in the ql2fax fax phone book under the fax
menu (again when it starts up an error message will appear just select ok
and yes that you want to run it anyway).


1. Microsoft tells me there is not a way to NOT have the console window pop up
when the app runs the 16 bit convert or faxmgr programs. If anyone knows
of a way let me know as I have tried many different things.

2. Do not have the ql2 faxmanager running when using this program as the fax will
not be picked up by it. You need to run the ql2 faxmanager to recieve faxes,
but somehow it is notified that a fax is ready to be sent. I called SMS
and they did not seem to be able to tell me how this occurs (it is not DDE).
So when the program creates a fax ready to be send and the fax manager is
already running it will not be notified. The fax however, will be sent
next time the ql2 faxmanager is started. Also since the program kluges
the temp files needed by ql2 fax manager it will overwrite a fax that
is waiting to be sent with the new one you are currently sending. Again
If SMS could tell me more about the format of their temp files I may be
able to fix this. The bottom line is that only one fax at a time can be
sent or be waiting to be sent using my fax server program.

3. The ql2 fax program does not attempt resends on errors. For this
reason I leave the .qfx file in the spooler directory (the .pcl is deleted)
so that you can manually use ql2 fax and resend the file if desired.

4. If someone can figure out how to make the print manager always print to
a predefined file, instead of asking like can be done in Win 3.1 let me know
as this would eliminate an extra step in the program.

5. When printing for word for windows 6.0 it asks twice for a file name. Do not
enter the same name twice as this causes problems. the first name is bogus
and enter somethning like:

then enter the real name: e:\temp\fax.pcl

I am keeping the source version of the program for now, but if someone sends
a nice enough donation and I will provide the source so an alpha or mips
version can be made (although not sure if ql2fax for windows works on these

If you like the program please send a donation and comments to:

L. kahn
6550 Countryside drive
fayetteville, nc 28311

I can be reached on compuserve at 71534,600 and at work at

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