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Zounds: MWindows Sound Mucker V1.0

The ZOUNDS.EXE application allows you to modify the alert sound for
MWindows 2.x and MWindows/286. When resident with a new sound installed,
it replaces the MWindows standard "beep" with a sound selected by the


The ZOUNDS.EXE program is the sound manager.
The B_name.SND libraries countain various sounds of name "name."
The ZDATA.EXE is the sample library.


Install ZOUNDS.EXE in your 'tools' or 'executables' folder.
Install *.SND and ZDATA.EXE in the same "sound library" folder.


Only one instance of ZOUNDS is allowed.

Zounds can only be operated using the mouse.

Run ZOUNDS.EXE from the executive. Use the 'List Box' to move to the
sound library folder. When the sound library folder has been selected
and the B_*.SND libraries are displayed, click SET LIB to fix the
library folder.

Uncheck the STANDARD option to override the normal MWindows alert sound.

Double-click on a B_name.SND to sample the sound, or select the
B_name.SND library and click the SAMPLE button to hear it.

Use the SELECT button to move to other directories or to sample the

Use the INSTALL button to cause the sound to be installed. Remember to
SET LIB before using this button.

Check AUTO START if ZOUNDS is to automatically install the selected
sound at startup time. Click INSTALL again with the desired sound selected
to save the AUTO START option.

Click the question mark to see the author's name and e-mail address.

Insert ZOUNDS into WIN.INI as a 'load' or 'run' option if ZOUNDS is to be
automatically started when the MWindows session begins.

Closing ZOUNDS re-installs the standard alert sound.

ZOUNDS modifies WIN.INI.


Keep ZDATA.EXE in the sounds library. It is required for the sound sampler.

ZOUNDS must stay resident in order for the installed sound to remain.

Not useful for MWindows/386.

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Archive   : ZOUNDS.ZIP
Filename : ZOUNDS.TXT

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