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Windows Unzip 1.00
An Extraction utility for MS -Windows 3.0

Copyright (c) 1991 James N. Hughes
All Rights Reserved

Some Portions Copyright (c) 1989 Samuel H. Smith

General Information:

Windows Unzip is a program which is used to extract and decompress files
from ZIP archives. It takes the place of both command-line DOS unzippers
and Windows-based front ends for those unzippers.

To use Windows Unzip you must have MS-Windows 3.0 or greater and you
must run Windows in Standard or Enhanced Mode. Windows Unzip will not
work in Real Mode.

To try Windows Unzip, place the files wunzip.exe and wunzip.hlp together in
either your windows directory, or some other directory in your path. You can
then run wunzip.exe from Program Manager, File Manager, or any other
shell. If you don't know how to use File Manager, or setup a program in
Program manager, please refer to your Windows manual.

Rather than explain how to use Windows Unzip in this document, I have put
all instructions in the help file, wunzip.hlp. To view this file you can click
the Help button in Windows Unzip or run the command-line: "winhelp.exe
[path]wunzip.hlp" from Program Manager or File Manager. (Look for the Run
command under the File menu in either program.) If you have used
Windows for any length of time at all, and know about ZIP files, you should
find Windows Unzip easy to use with minimal use of the help file.

Windows Unzip is not free. It is a commercial Shareware product, free from
any Crippleware or Annoyware influences. You are permited to evaluate this
product for 15 days. After that time you must register or discontinue using
the program. To register Windows Unzip, send $5, cash or U.S. check to:

James N. Hughes
107 Bloomingdale Street
Chelsea, MA 02150

along with your name, and address or email address of any kind. Registering
will enable you to legally and morally continue using Windows Unzip, and will
entitle you to substantial discounts on future software products, including
enhancments to Windows Unzip.

Whether or not you choose to register, I'd enjoy hearing your comments on
my program. Please send all suggestions, gripes, bug reports and anything
else to the above address, or you can call me at (617)884-4277 (voice), or I
can be reached on the RIME or ILink Windows conferences under the name Jim Hughes.
The lastest version of Windows Unzip can always be found on Channel 1 in
Boston as well as many other BBS's.

Legal Stuff:

No guarantee is made, expressed or implied pertaining to the use, misuse, or
any problems caused by this program.


Special thanks to Samuel H. Smith for the use of his unzipping code, to
Balam Willemsen for extensive testing and good advice, and to my wife
Michelle for icons, proofreading, iced tea, and loving support.

Windows Unzip was written using Borland C++ 2.0.

Windows and MS-Windows 3.0 are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Borland and Borland C++ are trademarks of Borland International, Inc.