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WindowsNEWS - January 21/91
Recent announcements of interest to
the Windows user community.

== WINDOWS & OS/2 CONFERENCE ===============================

Co-sponsored by PC Week and CM Ventures, the Windows & OS/2
Conference Spring '91 will be running this year at the San
Jose Convention Centre in San Jose, California. The confer-
ence runs March 5 - 7, 1991.

The three day conference includes major sessions devoted to
user strategies, future trends and developer's direction for
Windows and OS/2. Additional sessions focus on Corporate End
User issues, Connectivity, New Technology and other areas of

A concurrent exhibition, with more than 150 vendors presently
listed, will showcase the latest in GUI related software,
hardware and support services.

Conference pre-registration, prior to February 18/91 is
US$495.00 per person. For additional information, contact
CM Ventures by phone at (415) 601-5000, or by Fax at (415)

== 386 NOTEBOOK COMPUTERS SOON? =============================

The recent announcement of the Intel 386SL microprocessor has
the potential to make 386-based, notebook sized portable com-
puters a reality in the very near future, according to Intel.

The company showed an entire PC/AT-compatible motherboard,
using the 386SL and related chips, on a four inch by six inch
circuit board. In 1984, says Intel, the typical AT motherboard
required about 170 components, in addition to memory chips.
By 1987, this figure had dropped to 70 excluding memory. With
the new 386SL microprocessor superset, a comparable board will
require only 10 components plus memory. The company forecasts
that, by 1993, all needed non-memory components will reside on
a single chip.

In concert with previous and other current Intel announcements,
such as the i750 video processor, the "Flash" memory card, and
the 89C024FT modem chip, it is obvious that Intel is working
to make the "no-compromise" portable computer a reality for

For additional information, contact Intel Corporation.

== NETWORK DOWNTIME SURVEY ==================================

Survey results recently released by The Gallup Organization,
Inc., showed that Fortune 1000 companies experience an average
of two hours of network downtime per week. Estimated hourly
losses due to network downtime were also surveyed and are shown

Network Downtime Cost of Downtime
per Week: (est $ per hour)
------------------- -------------------
None: 24% <$500 32%
1 hour: 49% $500 - $1K: 12%
2 - 5 hrs: 9% $1K - $5K: 17%
5 - 10 hrs: 1% $5K - $50K: 10%
10 - 20 hrs: 2% $50K - $100K: 1%
20+ hours: 1% $100K+: 3%

Source: Computer Reseller News

WindowsNEWS is compiled and Copyright © 1991 by Donald G. Roy.
All Trademarks acknowledged. Distributed by: FUTURETRON Ltd.
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