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WinZip(R) version 5.5
Copyright (C) 1991-1994 Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

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*** New users: please click the "Brief Tutorial" entry in ***
** WinZip's "Help" pull-down menu. ***
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*** Press the F1 key at any time while running WinZip for ***
*** help or to access the complete online documentation. ***

Have you ever used a BBS or CompuServe? If so, you've probably
encountered ZIP files. Are you a Windows user? If so, WinZip is
THE way to handle these archived files.

WinZip brings the convenience of Windows to the use of ZIP files
without requiring PKZIP and PKUNZIP. It features an intuitive
point-and-click drag-and-drop interface for viewing, running,
extracting, adding, deleting, and testing files in archives. ARJ,
LZH, and ARC files are supported via external programs. WinZip
interfaces to most virus scanners.

Here's what the magazine reviews say about WinZip:

"... anyone using .ZIPped files today cannot go wrong with this
program", Windows Sources 7/94
"Must Buy" rating, PC Laptop, 7/94
"Slick and Intuitive", Computer Shopper, 5/94
"Easy to use", InfoWorld, 4/18/94
"It's this simple: Those who use PKZIP and Windows should get
a copy of WinZip 5.0", PC Computing, 12/93
One of the "Top 10" Windows Utilities, CompuServe Magazine, 10/93
One of the "20 Must-Have Windows Utilities", Windows User, 6/93
"Archive Manager Extraordinaire", Windows Sources, 5/93
"WinZip 4.0 improves on an already impressive product, making
archiving a simple task for Windows users", Windows User 5/93
1993 WIN100 Award Winner, Windows Magazine, 2/93
"Repeatedly charms you when you have to ZIP and unZIP ...
an excellent Shareware utility" Windows Magazine, 12/92
"Our copy gets quite a daily workout" Windows User 11/92
"The most comprehensive Windows front-end to PKZIP"
Ziffnet Threads, 11/92
"Does all your compression chores with ease" Computer Shopper, 10/92
"Must-Have Shareware Treasure" Compute, 10/92
"The perfect Windows interface for LHA, PKZIP, ARC, and your
favorite DOS virus scanner" PC World, 10/92
"Greatly facilitates archive Management" Windows Magazine, 9/92
"Powerful yet Intuitive" PC World, 8/92
"Hot Product" Inside Microsoft Windows, 8/92
"WinApp of the Month" PC Computing, 3/92

WinZip is extremely easy to use! To open an archive simply double
click on an archive listed in the File Manager, drag and drop an
archive onto WinZip, or use the standard Open dialog. The main
WinZip window features a list box with the names, sizes, and
date/time stamps of all files in the open archive. This list can
be scrolled and sorted on any field. A tool bar provides fast
access to commonly used actions. All options (including window
size and position) can be saved and restored. Extensive context
sensitive help is always available.

Double clicking on a file in the main window has the same effect
as double clicking in the File Manager. First the file is
extracted from the archive. If the file is executable, it is run.
Otherwise, the file is opened by the appropriate application (for
example, Windows Write for *.WRI files) based on standard Windows

The Windows 3.1 Drag and Drop Interface is fully supported. You
can drag and drop files from WinZip to other applications. WinZip
will extract the files before dropping them on the target
application. The target application will treat the files as if
they had been dropped by the File Manager. You can also drop
archives on WinZip to open them, or drop files on WinZip to add
them to the open archive.

WinZip's unique "Install/Uninstall Feature" makes it easy to
install and uninstall software distributed in archives. This
feature can save megabytes of disk space by tracking and removing
all traces of an application. WinZip will run the installation
program in an archive, give you a chance to try the program, and
optionally offer to restore your system to its original state.
The uninstall step can selectively remove directories, files,
icons, or program groups created by an install program, and can
restore any altered INI files. You have complete control over the
uninstall process, and no changes are made without approval.

If an archive doesn't have an "install" or "setup" program you can
use the CheckOut facility to easily try the files in the archive.
The CheckOut facility will extract all files and create a program
group with icons for all or some files. Just double click on an
icon in the CheckOut group to view the corresponding file with the
appropriate application. WinZip will optionally delete the
CheckOut files and program group.

WinZip requires Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups. While no
other programs are required for basic operations involving ZIP
files, optional features require one or more external programs,
including PKZIP and PKUNZIP product from PKWARE, Inc, LHA.EXE from
Haruyasu Yoshizaki, or the Shareware ARJ product from Robert Jung.
WinZip interfaces to several programs to access ARC files and
optionally runs most virus scanning utilities. See the online
help for details.

WinZip is distributed as Shareware. This means that users are
encouraged, subject to restrictions described in the License
Agreement, to share copies of this program with friends,
associates and bulletin boards. Please remember that if you use
this software you are required to pay the registration fee of $29
as described in the License Agreement (LICENSE.TXT).

This program is produced by a member of the Association of
Shareware Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the
shareware principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a
shareware-related problem with an ASP member by contacting the
member directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can
help you resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does
not provide technical support for members' products. Please write
to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 49442 or
send a CompuServe message to the ASP Ombudsman at 70007,3536.
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