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WinZip(R) version 5.5
Copyright (C) 1991-1994 Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

See the file README.TXT for installation instructions.

The following changes were made in the WinZip 5.5

* WinZip's unique Install/Uninstall feature makes it easy to
install and uninstall software distributed in ZIP files. WinZip
will run the installation program in an archive, give you a
chance to try the program, and optionally offer to restore your
system to its original state. The uninstall step can
selectively remove files, icons, or program groups created by an
install program, and can restore any altered INI files. You
have complete control over the uninstall process, and no changes
are made without approval.

Unless you keep every program you install from a ZIP file, the
Install/Uninstall feature will almost certainly save you
megabytes of disk space and lots of time. It can keep your
system from getting bogged down by extra unneeded files and
fonts installed by applications you decide to delete. Windows
application installation programs typically copy components into
various directories, copy VBX and DLL files into your Windows
directory, add entries to Windows initialization files, and
create program groups and icons. It is almost impossible to
keep track of all these changes manually. Undoing these changes
is time consuming and complicated, and it is easy to miss files.
WinZip's Install/Uninstall feature handles this chore
automatically with an easy to use point-and-click interface.

* The Move/Copy/Rename/Delete archive management facilities make
it easy to keep your download directory clean: after trying the
software in a ZIP you can move it to a floppy disk, move it to
your upload directory, or delete it without leaving WinZip.

* The new File Manager Extension adds a WinZip pull-down menu
entry to the Windows File Manager for quick access. You can
optionally have the File Manager automatically start WinZip when
the File Manager is started and close WinZip when the File
Manager is closed, so WinZip is always available for drag and
drop operations.

* With "Smart DOC Handling" turned on, plain text .DOC files are
viewed with a text editor and .DOC files created by word
processors with the appropriate word processor.

* The "Reuse WinZip Windows" option prevents your screen from
being cluttered with multiple WinZip windows when you open
multiple archives by double clicking in the File Manager.
Instead of opening an additional WinZip window an existing
WinZip window is reused to display the selected archive.

* CheckOut dialog box: icons are created for all files with
associations if the "create icons for programs and documents
only" checkbox is selected. Also, an extra warning dialog box
is displayed before CheckOut deletes any existing files or
program groups.

* Extract dialog box: added Create Dir button because so many
people did not realize they could just type the name of a

* Overwrite dialog box: added file sizes and date/time stamps

* Directories dialog box: added Temp Directory edit field to
specify where temporary files are created. This overrides the
TEMP= DOS environment variable.

* Select All/Deselect All menu entries moved to the Actions menu

* Default parameters for SCAN.EXE do not include /a which is
illegal with the new SCAN 2.0

* The WinZip installation procedure creates a "WinZip" group
instead of adding a WinZip icon to the "Accessories" group. The
"WinZip" group includes an "Uninstall WinZip" icon.

* The default Action in the Add and Drop dialog boxes is reset to
"Add" when an archive is opened.

* The Mail Archive menu entry was officially added to the File
menu (it was available as an undocumented feature in WinZip
5.0b). This menu entry exists only on systems with MAPI.DLL

* No attempt is made to delete any directory if any of its files
are in use or any files in the directory are open.

* File Manager Association Icons are displayed next to each file
listed in the main WinZip window so you can easily tell whether
a file is executable or has an association.

* If System Compatibility Corporation's "Outside In" file viewer
is detected it will be used as your "Default Association" in the
Program Locations dialog box.

* Added Set Installation Defaults to the Options pull-down menu to
set options to original installation defaults

* Miscellaneous documentation improvements, including a revised
"Brief Tutorial", the "Step by Step Examples", and separate help
panels for New Archive, Open Archive, View Dialog Box, and
Built-in Viewer.


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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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