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WinZip(R) version 5.5
Copyright (C) 1991-1994 Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

This file provides information for Shareware Distributors and Disk Vendors
who wish to distribute the WinZip 5.5 package, including an extract from
the license agreement and suggested program descriptions and keywords.


The complete license agreement is contained in the file LICENSE.TXT.

The following paragraph is an extract from the license agreement
regarding the distribution of the Shareware version of WinZip:

You are specifically prohibited from charging, or requesting
donations, for any such copies, however made; and from distributing
the software and/or documentation with other products (commercial or
otherwise) without prior written permission, with one exception:
--> Disk Vendors approved by the Association of Shareware Professionals
--> are permitted to redistribute WinZip, subject to the conditions in
--> this license, without specific written permission.

Suggested One Line Program Description:

Archive utility w/built-in ZIP lets you install/try/uninstall other ZIP files

Suggested Keywords:

ASP WinZip Windows ZIP UNZIP Drag Drop Install Uninstall Archive Utility
Shareware Virus Scan ARJ LZH SFX ARC

Suggested Description

WinZip brings the convenience of Windows to the use of ZIP files.
Includes PKZIP-compatible built-in zip and unzip, so PKZIP is not needed
for basic archive operations.

New in version 5.5 is the ability to install, try, and UNINSTALL
software distributed in ZIP files. This feature runs the install
program in a ZIP, gives you a chance to try the program, and OPTIONALLY
deletes any new files, icons, program groups, and restores any altered
INI files.

WinZip includes a powerful yet intuitive point-and-click drag-and-drop
interface for viewing, running, extracting, adding, deleting, and
testing files in ZIP, LZH, and ARC files, including self extracting
archives. Optional virus scanning support is included.

Other Information

Requirements: Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups. No other programs
are required for basic ZIP operations. Optional features
require external programs, including the shareware
PKZIP/PKUNZIP product from PKWARE, Inc. or ARJ from Robert
Jung or LHA.EXE from Haruyasu Yoshizaki. WinZip interfaces
to several programs to access ARC files and optionally runs
most virus scanning utilities, including Windows-based
virus scanners.

Registration: $29 (includes shipping) to receive disk with latest version

Author: Nico Mak Computing, Inc, P.O. Box 919 Bristol, CT 06011 USA

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