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Version 2.0


To install WinEdit 2.0, copy the .exe file to a directory for WinEdit. The .dll file should be
installed in the windows\system directory.

When I origionaly created WinEdit a little over two months ago, it was a cheap little program. Thanks to many suggestions and e-mail responces, I have been able to improove it to this, full-blown application.

New features:

* Word wrap
* Adjustable tab stops
* No limit on file lengths
* Optimized for speed and size
* Changeable font
* Changeable printer font

WinEdit was especially optimized for the 80386 CPU. If your computer has an 80286 or less then it is incapeable of running WinEdit. If you contact me at my e-mail address listed below, I will build you a version for your CPU. WinEdit also requires Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or greater.

If you want to contact me my e-mail addresses are:

America On-Line: CT Shawn
Internet: [email protected]

Feel free to distribute WinEdit to your friends and your favriote bultin boards, etc.

I hope you like it!