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***** WinCLI Version 2.20 *****

© Copyright 1991 Robert Salesas

WinCLI is a shareware product. If you use it you are required
to register within a reasonable (30 day) period. This will
entitle you to a personalized "clean" version. You will also
be notified of future upgrades and upcoming features.

If you like this program and use, please do register. If there
is enough interest I'll gladly expand and improve the list of
commands and features available.

To register, please see accompanying order forms or
send $25 US ($32 Cdn) to:

Eschalon Development Inc.
110-2 Renaissance Square
New Westminster, BC
V3M 6K3 Canada

What is WinCLI?

WinCLI is a command line interface for Windows 3. It performs
most of the functions that the standard DOS prompt,,
does. Why then, do you need WinCLI? Many reasons...

1) With WinCLI you are able to run Windows programs by typing
their name instead of looking for an icon. So if you like the
functionality of the DOS prompt to start programs, you can now use
WinCLI to start Windows applications.

2) A DOS prompt in enhanced mode wastes over 640 Kb all the
time. Even when if you aren't running a program. That means that
your wasting precious memory that Windows could otherwise use.
Even if you create a special PIF that uses only enough memory to
allow simple file operations (you won't be able to run programs
because it doesn't have enough memory), you are still wasting over
256 Kb. WinCLI requires less than 40 KBytes when fully loaded.
Less if Windows needs memory for other things.

3) WinCLI works equally well on all modes of Windows. You don't
need a 386 to take advantage of this DOS prompt! You can now have
a complete command line even in standard mode. It also multitasks
better than (because WinCLI is a well behaved Windows
application) so you don't lose precious cycles.

4) WinCLI is a Windows application so it doesn't have to be manually
closed when you quit your Windows session. You don't even have to
type exit (although you can), the close menu works just fine!

5) WinCLI is very configurable. It supports a scrollable window with
an adjustable height and width. You can place as many lines as you need
to see. For example if you want to show a directory listing and then do
a group of individual deletes, you just scroll up with the cursor keys
to see the listing, even if it is off the visible portion of the screen!
The prompt, font, and colors are also adjustable.

6) WinCLI is easy to use and includes a complete online Help system.
In order to optain help on a WinCLI command just type Help {Command}
(where {Command} is the WinCLI command you want help on. Ex: Help Dir)
at the WinCLI command line or select one of the menus.

7) Of course you also have all the normal features of a standard
DOS shell. You can show directories, create subdirectories, rename
files, delete files, and much, much more!

Robert Salesas

CIS - 76625,1320
BIX - nedawn
USENET - [email protected]

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