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Starlite Software Multimedia Product Listing

Starlite Software is proud to announce our new CD Rom product, Classic
Clips. This is a collection of over SIX HUNDRED MEGABYTES of AVI full
motion video files. Classic Clips includes the new Whoop It Up! 3.0 AVI,
and the terrific Movie Time Screen Saver. If you aren't familiar with
AVI, it is the new Microsoft standard for animation in Windows 3.1. Other
than your CD rom drive, you don't need any special hardware. We include
all of the Microsoft drivers needed to play AVI files.

The Classic Clips CD Rom comes jam-packed with exciting movie clips from
classic drama, comedy, science fiction, cartoons and action. We have
also included many movie trailers from the classics such as Casablanca,
Captains Courageous, and The Good Earth, and campy flicks like War of the
Colossal Beast, How To Make A Monster, Attack of the Puppet People and
many more. These trailers are great for use with the Movie Time Screen
Saver. Many of the clips are only a few seconds long, so they are
fantastic for use with Whoop It Up! 3.0 AVI. Most of the clips include
sound, although we have several from the golden age of the silent screen.
We have some really rare footage including an ABSOLUTELY SCANDALOUS Jane
from a 1928 Tarzan movie. You won't believe it! And remember the 1950's
Popular Science short subjects? These are hilarious looks at the future
with bizarre gadgets and inventions.

Whoop It Up! just gets better and better. Now with AVI full motion
video support, Whoop It Up! allows you to attach AVI files to your
Windows Applications in addition to wav and midi files. Now when you
start your Windows programs (or any other event) a movie clip can be
displayed in a pop-up window or full screen as an option. You gotta see
it to believe it! Way Cool!

Other features include the addition of mouse clicks and keyboard clicks
to the event list. And now you can define up to 4 random directories.
(This program is included with the Classic Clips CD Rom)

Our new Movie Time Screen Saver is the best screen saver yet! Play AVI
movies or display still graphics in .gif, .pcx, and .bmp formats. You
can customize Movie Time with passwords, and turn the sound on and off.
The movies play in "full screen" AVI mode. (This program is included with
the Classic Clips CD Rom).

Fanfare is a great collection of Multimedia Utilities for Windows 3.1.
Fanfare includes Yakkity Clock (the ultimate talking clock), Yakkity
Monitor (a talking system monitor with alarms) and Wave Editor 1.0 (a 16
bit stereo WAV file editor). Also included are 14 animated screen savers
with sound, and additional wav and midi files - over 1.5 megs! This is a
must have if you like Windows multimedia!

Wave Editor 2.0 is 16 bit stereo .WAV file editor. This is THE
professional .WAV editor with precision editing and transforms. If you
need a serious, fast .WAV file editor this is the one. Better than all
the commercial products we have seen by far.

You can cut and paste, insert a .WAV in different waveforms, fades,
echos, reverse, and fourier transforms. You can create quite
sophisticated sounds without actually recording anything- just layer and
convert .WAV forms to get the desired effect. Of course, you can record
it with any microphone or line input that your sound card can accept.

To order any of our fine products see the ORDER.TXT file. Or call
800-767-9611 or 314-965-5630 international. Orders may be faxed to
314-966-1833. Send Compuserve orders to 70304,3642. Check out the
Starlite Software BBS at 206-437-0116, USR Courier HST up to 16,800 bps.

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