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Bitmap Fonts for Mircosoft Windows

All fonts contained in this achiev can be used with following
version of Windows :

Windows 2.x
Windows/286 2.1x
Windows/386 2.1x


Windows 3.x

in Real Mode, Standard 286 Mode and Enhanced 386 Mode !

The fonts should be installed into the Windows environment
using Control-Panel CONTROL.EXE.

If using Windows 2.x when installing, you se a Fontinformation

Tms Rmn 8,10,12,14,18,24 (Set #6)

Typeface Sizes (Resolution)

All sizes are Typographic points (72pt = 1 inch).

Resolutions are devided into SETs (see also your
Windows manual, section Control-Panel).

The table below shows you the SET-character (CHAR) which
appears at last position of the font filename (????X.fon)
as a placeholder for the resolution.
Microsoft defined until Windows 2.11 the resolution sets
(SET #) "A" to "E", Windows 3.0 added Set-character "F"
for IBM 8514/A and other video card with 8514-like
resolution (use by some super VGAs with 1024x768 dots).
Also changed since Windows 3.0 are resolution depended
informations in new-exe header. The old (Set #) entries
are changed to more readable (VGA res) or similar text.

Windows 3.0 shows these information only "after"
installation of .FON files. This depends of the COMPRESSED
files from Windows 3.0 installation diskettes.

The table below shows the resolution, which the fonts
originaly are designed for.

All additional SET-characters (from "G" up) are NOT
defined by Mirosoft. Microsoft may extend their definitions
in future version of Windows. But, if "FontEngines" may be
part of Windows (like Bitstream FaceLift, MicroSoft TrueType,
Adobe Type Manager), there is no need to extend the SETs.

Windows GDI Font Definitons

Char Set Driver Aspect Hdpi Vdpi Device

A 2 CGA 200 96 48 CGA
B 3 EGA 133 96 72 EGA, Hercules
C 4 ? 83 60 72 Matrixprinter 60x72 dpi
D 5 IBMGRX 167 120 72 IBM Graphics printer
E 6 VGA 100 96 96 VGA and Super VGAs
F 8514 100 120 120 8514/A - Windows 3.0

G IBMGRX 60 72 120 IBM Graphics printer
H EPSON9 83 120 144 Epson 9 pin printer
I EPSON9 120 144 120 Epson 9 pin printer
J EPSON24 100 180 180 24 pin printer

For use in our company, i created some fonts in other
resolution for different printers.

If you need more information, send a message to

CompuServe 100021,450
BIX wexler

Wolfgang Exler
Mercedes-Benz AG

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