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Trash Manager (TrashMan) Version 2.0a

Quality Shareware for Microsoft Windows

Copyright 1992-1993 by Tembit Software GmbH
Published in North America by CheckBox Software

Information concerning installation and other basics are provided in
this file. A complete Windows Help system is also provided for more
extensive documentation. To view that help file, start TRASHMAN.EXE
and press F1.


This archive or diskette should've included:

TRASHMAN.EXE - The TrashMan application.
TRASHMAN.HLP - The TrashMan Windows Help file.
TRASHREG.DOC - Registration information.
VENDOR.DOC - Information for shareware distributors.
FILE_ID.DIZ - Description file for some BBS systems.
DESC.SDI - Description file for some BBS systems.
README.TXT - This text file.


Hardware: 286 or 386 PC with at least 1 megabyte of RAM.
VGA or better recommended but not required.

Mouse or other pointing device.

Software: Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher.


NEW! TRASHMAN VERSION 2.0a! The original and BEST drag-and-drop trash
can for Windows 3.1 is BACK and better than ever! Drag files or
directories to the trash icon and they'll be stored (even after
exiting and re-starting TrashMan, Windows, or the PC itself) until
you decide to restore or permanently delete them! Associate WAV
sounds with different TrashMan events! Choose from several different
trash icons (including a recycling logo and more)! Now features an
easy-to-use tool bar; many more new features and improvements!
Shareware for Windows 3.1.


1) Copy the TrashMan files (TRASHMAN.EXE, TRASHMAN.HLP, etc.) to the
directory of your choice on your hard disk.

2) To install TrashMan as an icon in a Program Manager group,
consult the "Creating A Program Item" section of the Windows 3.1
User's Guide (pages 78-82 in the English language version).

3) If you'd like TrashMan to automatically start each time you start
Windows, install TrashMan as an icon the Program Manager Startup

4) That's all there is to it. To learn more about using TrashMan,
start the program and press F1 to browse TrashMan's online help


This package (consisting of the Trash Manager application and
associated documentation) is Copyright 1992-1993 by Tembit Software
GmbH. All Rights Reserved.

Published in North America by CheckBox Software.

Please see the "Legal Disclaimers and Notices" section of the help
file for further legal information. Please see the "Registration
Information" section of the help file for licensing information.
Shareware disk vendors and distributors: Please read the VENDOR.DOC
file for important information.

Trash Manager and TrashMan are trademarks of Tembit Software GmbH.
Microsoft is a registered trademark and Windows is a trademark of
Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks mentioned in this file
and other parts of the Trash Manager package are the property of
their respective companies.

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Archive   : TRASHM2.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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