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The "To Ireland or Bust (TIB)" Icon Collection. February 1st, 1994.

Author: Jason Sweeney
PO BOX 193
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678

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Read this important README.TXT to hear the unique story behind this
fantastic Windows icon collection. Copy and distribute the icons
freely, but do not use them for commercial purposes (at least don't
without giving me some credit).


If you are unfamiliar to choosing icons from .DLL, .EXE, or .ICO
files, please consult the section "Changing an Icon" in your Windows
3.x manual. Shareware programs like IconMaster and IconManager make
browsing through and selecting new icons a cinch. The 125 icons in this
collection reside in the .DLL file "TIBICONS.DLL"

* * * *

The Romantic Origin of These Icons

In April of 1993 a 23 year-old unemployed artist, student
and would-be writer (that's me) met a woman. She literally
dropped into his hands--in the form of a letter written from
Dublin, Ireland, which was her response to the "pen-pals wanted"
ad he had sent on a whim to a Dublin paper just a month prior.
He was delighted to get a response, especially from a woman who
shared so much in common with him. He promptly sent her his
reply, then waited with almost unbearable anticipation for two
weeks until her second letter arrived in his mailbox. This time,
at her request, they exchanged pictures. Their exciting and
vigorous correspondence began.

Over the next few months they wrote heaps of letters,
sent one another embarrassing but revealing voice tapes, and
finally talked "live" for the first time over the telephone for
15 very expensive and nerve-racking minutes. After that phone
call it was obvious that they had "clicked". She had already
invited him to visit her in Ireland, so they made plans to meet
during April of 1994, just one year after their faraway
introduction. By the end of 1993 it was clear to the both of
them that another year of separation could not be endured.

* * * *

Thus, this icon collection. I still cannot find a full-time
job ("computer graphics artist will draw for food") but am doing all I
can to earn the money needed to meet this lovely woman. These icons are
both my gift to the millions of Windows users who deserve some truly
good icons, and (I hope) a small way to help finance my trip. If these
icons are worth money to you, send me that amount you see fit. Anything
I get puts me one step closer to her.


Job offers also welcomed:

Jason Sweeney
P.O. BOX 193
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678