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TIME-IT version 1.02 by Glen Neal

To obtain on-line support with your computer and modem, read
the information at the end of this file.

Time-It is a simple yet very useful utility for Windows. It
allows you to quickly enter a time, in minutes and seconds,
and count it down. This is very handy while cooking, waiting
on the laundry, waiting for a tv show to start, etc.

Time-It is three timers in one. You can have all three timers
going at the same time, each with a different time. To select
a timer to use, click on one of the three timer buttons,
Timer 1, Timer 2, or Timer 3.

To enter a time, point at a digit and click the left mouse button
to increase the digit in question. Click the right mouse button
to descrease the digit. You can also use the Minutes and Seconds
buttons to increase the minutes and seconds.

To start the timer, click on the Start button. It chages to Stop.
Click on it again to pause the timer. Each time you click on it,
the timer is stopped or started.

In the Display menu, you can select the type of display you like.
LED has a black background with various color digits. LCD has a
gray background with black digits. In LED mode, you can select 6
different colors for the digits, as well as Bright or Dim.

Focus has the effect of changing the thickness of the digits. You
can use a value of 1-20 although 1-8 is the recommended range.

When the timer reaches 00:00, it will play a Star Trek alert if
you have Soundblaster or compatible sound card.

If you use Time-It a lot, please register it. Send $15.00 to:

Glen Neal
220 Ridgecrest #45
Elk City, OK 73644

Voice: 405-243-0574 Data: 405-243-3200

To obtain the newest version of Time-It and register on-line
call the Hazard Soft support bbs at 405-243-3200. At the main
prompt, type J HAZARD. You might like the bbs too!

Hey dude, whatever you do, have fun!