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System Resources for Windows v1.5

SysRes.exe is a Windows(TM) 3.0/3.1 application that measures
CPU usage in a graphical and text format. The graph is scalable to
any size, and lets the user know how heavy he or she is taxing the
CPU at just a glance. This allows the user to optimize his or her
system for maximum efficiency.


Make a Directory Called \VB on the same drive as your copy of
Windows(TM). Copy the contents of SysRes15.Zip into the \VB Directory.
Then install SysRes on to the DeskTop of your choice. Windows(TM) 3.1
users will want to put SysRes on the StartUp DeskTop.


The EB-Software series of programs must be licensed for use
within a home, business, corporation, or organization, including
government agencies and educational institutions.

Shareware distributors may distribute the software without
permission EB-Software. However, all files must remain intact,

unmodified, and contain all documentation files. A reasonable
disk copying or preparation fee may be charged. Buyers must be
informed that use of the programs requires registration or
licensing and purchase of the disk does not constitute
registration. All archived files must remain in original .ZIP


New for version 1.5. Now you can change SysRes's colors. SysRes
will now remember how you left it when you closed, and will restore
itself to the same color, size, and position!

More to Come!

As you read this we are working on our next release of SysRes
which will feature windows within windows for easier viewing.
Register now to get your updated copy.


Send all correspondence, orders, and inquiries to:

8510 Greenwood Ave. #12
Takoma Park, Md. 20912

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SysResources ($15 per copy) _________ $______________

-ADD- $9 for Disk Handling Fee (add if a disk is
requested. A single handling fee is charged
regardless of the number of programs.) $______________

Specify disk: 360K, 5.25" 1.2M, 5.25"
Other: ___________ (circle one)
Unless specified, 360K 5-1/4" will sent.

TOTAL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $______________


Check/Money Order No.__________ enclosed for $____________________


Name: ___________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


City/State/Province: ____________________________________________

Country/Postal Code: ____________________________________________

Telephone: Voice/FAX/Modem: ____________________________________

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