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For Microsoft Windows 1.0

(C) Copyright 1991 from Dave Smith and Bill Cravener

==== Author's Comments ===============================================

Sound Effects is the product of eight month's work, many late
nights, and even some days I called in sick for work just to work
on the final product.

The results of Sound Effects were amazing...
Reviews coming in say:

"Would you have any objection to us using SOUNDFX4 on the Cover disk?"

-PC Today magazine

"I'm a computer game designer for Sierra On-Line. I'm working on a
new project right now and have need for a few PC sound effects."


Sound Effects was in the Compuserve "Preferred and suggested files"
section (December 1991).



To include any of the SounCONs in your desktop:

From the Program Manager,

a) Choose FILE from the top menu.
b) Choose NEW.
c) Choose Program Item from the radio buttons.
d) Type in the path + filename and the SounCON will
appear in the Program Manager's MAIN or

The SounCON will remain in that Window until removed.

2) WHAT'S A SounCON ?

A SounCON is a sound icon that is minimized on your desktop
and remains minimized, permanently. Double-clicking one
produces a brief sound, then returns control to Windows.

You can then easily put a few of your favorite SounCONs
scattered about your desktop, and show off your incredible
ability to create cute sounds, or make yourself look bored.


These are NOT to be used for serious purposes. They are
solely for fun and entertainment. If you utilize these
programs for serious, boring or otherwise dull reasons,
you may be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law.


Due to the mere size constraints of my compiler (it insists
that any program be at least 14K long!), there are four
different parts to Sound Effects for Windows. Each contains
seven SounCONs + documentation. (NOTE: Part 4 is only
available through the disk offer [see below] ).
If you have any problem finding the other parts, look on:

Compuserve IBMSYS forum. Keyword: "SOUND"


Public Software Library
P.O. Box 35705
Houston TX 77235-5705

(800) 242-4775

4) *** Disk Offer ***

For only fifteen dollars, you can receive:

a) Sound Effects *Special Addition* with over
thirty sounds, speech, musical note capability,
Sound Blaster support, random tone generation,
keyboard-sound interactions, graphical shells,
frequency modulation, ability to silence sounds
inside any external program, and MORE !

b) TSR-Sound Effects
Plays any sounds in the background, using under
2K memory.

c) The newest, most exciting version of this program,
including all three parts !

Send fifteen dollars to:

David Smith
1104 Mason Dr.
Hurst TX 76053

=====Disks will be mailed the same day your payment is received=====

============== CREDITS ================================================

1) Thank GOD for allowing me to stay up until 2:00am, then go
to work the following day working on this project.

2) Bill Cravener for his sound revolutions.

3) President's Health Club for having a place for my stressed self
to work out every day while compiling these programs.

4) Talk radio stations, for entertaining me through the years.

5) And thanks to the odd dream I had, giving me the inspiration
and idea to create this utility.

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