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This disk contains Windows Reminder 1.3D

Functional and Powerful

Windows Reminder is a new time management program written exclusively for
the new Windows. The program is both simple to use, yet powerful enough to
do your work for you without you having to be there!


Windows Reminder was designed to let you set up and view your appointments
as easily as possible. You can visually see the times you have scheduled
in the graph display. The graph also allows you to click on the time you
want to enter a new item for. Items or tasks are sorted by date and time
which places all items needing attention at the top so you can "see" what
is next on your list. A time is not required so you can still enter a task
that needs to be done that day. Enter in a time and Windows Reminder will
automatically set the alarm to display your message or run other programs.
A repeat option is also provided for daily, weekly, monthly, and end of
month events. Windows Reminder displays the time and date when running as
an icon so you can always keep track of what time it is.

Set up "To Do" or "Task" lists for yourself and others to keep track of
dates, times and milestones.

Set alarms to remind you of items that have to be done or places you have
to be. You can set reminder to chime on the hour, 1/2 and 1/4 hour. If
you have Multimedia installed, you will hear the chimes from Control Panel.

Set alarms to start other tasks without you being there.

Generate status reports at any time based on the items you have done and
that are still on your list of items that need to be done or need your
attention. Collect the time spent on each item for time management reports.

Windows Reminder keeps track of when items are completed and creates a
log file when you delete your items to a file (see the Options Preference
menu) to set this.


You can group your items by category for easy viewing and printing of
status reports. The category list can be used to schedule what others in
your group need to be on top of. This helps with daily assignments and
long term goals by allowing you to schedule different intervals in which
to monitor your progress. You can also assign your own personal priorities,
like ASAP, by replacing the time field for each item.

As you enter each item, they are sorted automatically by date and time or
by your own personal priorities so that you can always see what is next on
your list of items to do. For easy viewing, dates are displayed in
different colors depending if they are past, present or future items to do
or if they are done so that you can instantly "see" what needs to be done next.

Ease of use

Windows Reminder makes it as simple as possible to enter and edit items by
taking full advantage of a Control Bar with three dimensional buttons, full
keyboard support, a Calendar program, Pen Windows support, and a sophisticated
Online Help complete with "Jump Words" for easy access and look-up.

The Windows Reminder Control bar gives you quick access to editing and
viewing items along with a corresponding key on the keyboard to allow you
the same access. The current time is displayed on the right side of the
control bar and an alarm picture is displayed only when there is a time set
to go off for the current day. This gives you the added benefit of adding
items that have to be done a certain day, but have no set time.

The Edit section of the Control bar allows you to quickly edit an item.
To create a new item to be reminded of, you can choose the "+" button on the
Control Bar, or the "+" key on the keyboard or the Edit Add menu item, or
the F5 function key, or double click on the day you want in the Calendar

The View section of the Control bar allows you to quickly view the items
by past, present, future and done dates. To view just those items you need
to do from the past and today, you just select the left arrow (for past) and
the down arrow (for now or today). If you also want to view what you have
done for the same time frame, just press the "check" button. You can use
the F9-F12 keys to "press" the same buttons or use the View menu commands.
The asterisk at the end is for viewing everything at once by pressing all
the buttons down.

Windows Reminder comes with a Calendar program that lets you view the days
in a month and scroll to other months and years. If Windows Reminder isn't
running, Calendar will start it for you by double-clicking on a date. The
Enter New Item dialog is automatically brought up for you with the selected
date already placed in the date field for you. Anytime the Edit Item dialog
is up, you can use Calendar to enter or change the date and time just by
clicking the mouse on the date you want and using the right mouse button
to select the time.

Powerful Date Transfer and Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
Windows Reminder data is copied to the clipboard as tab delimited text
that can then be used with any editor and any spreadsheet program or
other program that accepts a tab delimited ASCII file. Windows Reminder
will also accept data from the clipboard that is only space delimited for
easy importing.

Windows Reminder supports Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) as both a Client
starting other DDE conversations requesting information and also as a
Server so that data can be passed back and forth with other DDE programs.
A sample Template file for Microsoft Word for Windows and macro sheet for
Microsoft Excel is supplied to show you how you can automatically generate
different reports with different combinations of monthly and/or items listed
by a specific "category".

Powerful Alarm actions

Windows Reminder allows a number of different Actions to take place when
an alarm goes off. You select the action to take place when you enter
your message and it can be changed at any time. The Run Action will
automatically have Reminder start another Windows or DOS application.
Run DDE will start a DDE conversation with another application to run a
macro that gathers information from a data base or electronic news service
that places the information into another application.

When an alarm goes off, your message is displayed for you. You are then
given 4 choices of what you want to do with the message. The first is
nothing so that you can decide what you want to do with it later. You
can select the Mark as Done check box to indicate you no longer need to
be reminded of the message. If you are busy when the message is displayed
you can set the Repeat in ? minutes, a "snooze" option and press the Reset
Time button so the message will be displayed again in the extra time you
selected. This is really handy when you are on the phone. Selecting the
Re-schedule button brings up the message for editing so you can change
the date, time or any other information.
You can reset the item to the next day, week, month or year and it will
also bump the day to Mondya if you use the "Business Day option.

When the Run with Prompt or Run DDE with Prompt action item is selected
or you select the Option Run menu command, the Run dialog will be displayed.
Here you will see the message you had scheduled if it was from an alarm
going off, or you can change or enter any command to start up another
application or enter in a DDE command. You don't have to run Program Manager
or File Manager to start another application.


NEW features for 1.3D

Better support for internationalization for reports.
Reminder will use the month in WIN.INI [reminder] 1=january
Report date will also format correctly.

Please refer to the CHANGES.TXT file for other recent updates.

NOTE: To use the Visual Basic DDE demo program, you need either Visual
Basic installed on your system, or at least the VBRUN100.DLL
file. THe VBRUN100.DLL file may be obtained from any number
of BBS's, shareware disk vendors, Compuserve, or even our BBS.
Because of its size, it is not included with this product.


With this version you have the following files:

REMINDER EXE The Reminder program.
CAL EXE The integrated calendar program.
ITEMS CAT The "category" data base file - Press F4 to add more.
ITEMS DAT Tutorial data file.
RM__VER ??? A file whose extension is the current version number.

README2 TXT ...Readme continued

CHANGES TXT The detailed list of changes to the product.

REMINDER HLP The Reminder Help file - press F1 to display it.

REMINDER DOT A WinWord template file that has a few sample DDE
samples and reports to use with Reminder.
REMINDER XLM A Microsoft Excel macro file that has a few sample DDE
samples to use with Reminder.

RMDDE EXE A Visual Basic DDE Demo with Reminder
RMDDE FRM A Visual Basic form to do DDE with Reminder

WWWDBMS DLL The data base engine

WSETUP EXE The setup program
WBINXZ EXE More of the setup program
WSETUP INF The setup script file

Please refer to the README2.TXT file for more information.

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