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?_2ÿÿÿÿ°>"¦NSY`djpt~ˆŒ› «´¼ÆÊÎÒØÞäêòõúþ
"(,/3>DGKQX^dgku{‰Ž—›ž¢¯µ»¿ÇÍÓÜâéíó÷þ %*16:?CKORV^elqtx|…˜¢­·ÂÆÊÎÕÙÞãçëðôÿ
AfterBeforeBradleyCARDCHANGEDBPathFILEINGREDIENTIngredientLISTListMEASUREMENTMakerMeasurementMicrosoftNicholesNickleWareOPENOncePLANRECIPEREMOVERecipeSELECTSHOPPINGTheTheseThisWEEKWhenWindows[RECIPE]aboveaddedallallowsalsoandappeapplicationapply.arebeenbeforebetweenbucketbuttoncancardcategorizechangechoosechoosingclickclipboardcompconcopycorrespondingcreatecursordatadatabasedeletedescridifferentdirectdisplaydoesdoubledowndraggeddroppedeacheasiereditenterenteredentireentryexampleexistexitfieldfilefinishedfoodforfromfunctiongrantedgrocerygrouphashavehelphighlightindicateinformationingredientingredientsinstalled.instructionintoitemjustlicenselistlist.listsmainmakematchmealmeasurementmenumenu.mousemuchmustnamenecessaryneedednotoptionorganizationoutplaceplanplanningpointerpositionprintpullquantitreciperecipe,recipesremovsameselectselectedselectishoppingshouldsimilarsimplsoftwarestoresuretextthatthethenthisthreetogether.uniqueuseweekwherewillwindowwithyouyour/&;)z4on heading miÿÿ¤ÿÿÿÿ|CTXOMAPv6|FONTý5|Phrases|SYSTEMa |TOMAPt5|TOPIC— |TTLBTREE6|TOPIC— vìÿvø¸ú.PRÿv𚋳ƒÄÿvòÿv𚙳ƒÄ‹å]ÊU‹ìƒì ÇFüÜÇFþü±¸/Pÿv ÿv
ÐtHÿvþÿvüš*±ƒÄ=wÿvþÿvü¸/P¸è/PšO¶ƒÄ 뷋Fü‹VþRPÿvöÿvôš—µƒÄëœÿvúÿvøšm¶ƒÄÿvöÿvôšL´ƒÄ‹å]ÊU‹ìƒìWV+öÄ^&ÿOxÄ^&‹?&ÿ&ŽG&Š*äëÿvÿvšô¶ƒÄ‰Fü@u鸋Fü= t;~é’ ÀtX=t=
tNëiÄ^&ÿOxÄ^&‹&‹W&ÿëÿvÿvš·ƒÄÄ^&ÿOxÄ^&‹&‹W&ÿëÿvÿvšÿÿƒÄ öué\ÿÄ^ &ƋF ‹Vë@ öuéFÿ‹þFÄ^ ŠFü&ˆ‹F
tÅ=uéqÿ=t¸= tÉëÎ öu´+À™^_‹å]Ê
U‹ìì ¸ /Pÿv ÿv
š«·ƒÄ‰Fü‰Vþ¸#/PÿvÿvšÎµƒÄ‰Fø‰Vú‹Fü Fþu+À闍†ôþP¸ÿPÿvþÿvüè¡þ Ðt`†ôþP¸&/Pÿvúÿvøš4¸ƒÄ ¸*/P†ôþPš¸ƒÄ¸,/P+ÀPPšà°ƒÄ‰Fô‰Vö Ðt¡ÿvöP¸./Pÿvúÿvøš4¶ƒÄ ëÌÿvþÿvüšR¸ƒÄÿvúÿvøš_¶ƒÄ¸‹å]ÊU‹ìƒ~}+Àë‹FH÷n‹NÑá+ÁH]ÊU‹ìƒìV‹vÄ^
&€xÿ uƒþ~
&ƎÌ8&ƒ>”.tÿv ÿv
¸2/Pÿvÿvš¹ƒÄ ëV¸ÿ+FP¸PP¸6/PFúPšÿÿƒÄÇFøë
‹vøÆBú0ÿFø‹vø€zú tíÿv ÿv
FúP¸ Recipe Makerù'  ™I\šYÝ+Ô+ÿÿÿÿ ÿÿÿÿ**!ÿÿ-Indexð\*ðÍl€ø'€€‚€‚ƒá€‰‚ƒá€‰‚ƒá€‰€‚€ƒ€€‚ƒƒá‰‚ƒƒá‰‚ƒƒá‰‚ƒƒá‰‚ƒƒá‰‚ƒá€‰‚ƒá€‰€‚€ƒá€‰‚ƒá€‰‚ƒá€‰‚ƒá€‰‚ÿINDEX TO )MAKER HELPIntroductionRegistrationGetting Started-sWhat Are sWindow ActionsFood Group -KInstruction CardsWeekly Plan KShopping What if...Special FeaturesEnhancementsExiting- ð-!ÑIntroduction¤„-¤BV€€ø'€€‚‚ƒ€€€€‚ƒ€€€€‚ÿINTRODUCTION - is an O/was designed to ¿ß>ly ·, ãKû”. With 1¿of -, ICbe able to ý“ã¯an >, Kin Óminutes ½a nlete ×of Ðs õto ßthose âs come 8 - GIto ™K)Eof K. %K½U(d I_recall K any one of 0m in Óseconds. - I(s Kalphabetizes Eof 1ƒÉKäs /Sóto ßKâs.- ¤-!SRegistration=W-=;H€€ø'€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€‚‚ÿREGISTRATION- is ÷public domain, nor is it free &. You Sµa limited Õto =5product on a trial basis. You SIµa Õto s-, along G1 documentation, ¯1trial =by other 
=<drive>:<path>\7tells - Ato find 1{¨s. 3key word 
is set equal to 1<drive> Kfull <path> including 1trailing backslash, A1- {¨s Creside. For  :>
=C:\Recipe\You _eA- looks ¯1{¨s by $e altering 1
. 2n move 1datafiles ±1„ory Athey were vd to 1new „ory Ispecified in 1
.-]-!­What Are s€--€F^€€ø'€€‚‚ƒá‰á‰á‰€€€€‚ÿWHAT ARE S3s, s, KFood Group Ös, Sreally 1heart of 1- |. 5Ös act as 7separate Zs /hold Eof 1Åóto put K9 Each time I™a ä, Æ, or ­¹Ïa /Åis 
ed ýof 1uZ. 7pcept Þs ¯í•Kfaster ŸKíless effort on Kpart. Each of these 7Ös _be ±1ÝE è2€2!‘Menu SelectionsG2G^Ž€€ø'€€‚‚ƒ‚‚ƒ€€€€€€€€€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€‚ÿWINDOW ACTIONS2re Sseveral pushbutton actions /Savailable to I±“of 17×Ds.ADD. %a new Ñ»Uš, 1ADD pushbutton may be jed. - 3quickly checks 1×to ß+/1new Ñis :. If it is, - adds 1Ñto 1|. Otherwise - tells I/I½›a duplicate.. To ean Ð, Á1ÑKk1. pushbutton or ‹kon 1ÑG1ê. 3ÑCLar in 1—box A1Ù Edit 1ÑK3kon 1 pushbutton. -Þr 3checks 1×to ß+/1dd Ñis ;K(s it in 1|. 4G<J€€ø'€‚ƒ€€€€€€€€‚ÿ*. To e an ѱa Ö, Áit Kk1. pushbutton or ‹kon 1ÑG1ê. 2n gkon 1* pushbutton. - 3asks Ito pfi÷ >Å rm 1action. Depending on Kresponse, 1action Cbe nleted or ^celed.%%!þÙ)%Ù("€€ø'€€‚‚ƒ‚ÿSome of 1first entries /ïbe made WIbegin to ™K, S1 äs. 5S1ƒäs /IC=in K. For ¡"Cup", Tablespoon", K"Gallon" Ssome of 1äs /might be  Lj€€ø'€‚ƒ€€€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€€€‚‚ÿa »Unletely š, it _be Cto 1}by jing on 1SAVE pushbutton on 1) D. Updating ÔMya is #to adding a new one, except Eof 1Åalready ¢s on 1screen. ;1) Eis †ed, kon 1"...pushbutton. - C‡a ×of Eof 1/currently £in 1|. To a $y Áit Kkon 1. pushbutton or ‹kon 1Ð. a »U, E1{Cbe †ed on 1KÍ`s. 3_3be dd Ksaved in 1manner as €bed @.d
Jf€€>€ƒ€€€€€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€‚ÿTo a kon 1"... pushbutton, a K3kon 1DELETE pushbutton. - C1±1|.To  a kon 1"... pushbutton, a K3kon 1PRINT pushbutton. - C®mat 1ÅK it.::!›Weekly Plan KShopping a6:as¸€€ø'€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€€€€€€€€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€€€€€‚ÿ8LY 'AND 138LY & EGIto ýan ?of âs K½- nile a ×to áK. %5on »Umade, - C‡a Eptaining a ׯ“day of 1?plus a miscellaneous Ö, Ka ×of Eof 1in 1|. 3way to ýa ?is to Áa in 1Ö, Kkon one of 1>day pushbuttons. - Cÿ1ñof 1in /day's Ù ;I½«1>, kon 1CREATE pushbutton. - Cnile a ×of E1Éõto ß1.If I½Óvd 1×±18LY & D, ICmost likely want to —or add to it. ng 11 D, - C‡1×Kgive I1ùto add, eor e any Ð, or  1Ù You I½1ùto Ã1 y to buy. %1×»U–ed nletely, it is 3ready to be ed. Turn Ker on Kkon 1PRINT pushbutton. - C3c1×by ­¹K ýKØ+
a+!üWhat If...Åó+ÑЀ€ø'€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€á‰‚ÿWHAT IF...3What If... EGIto ½- ßsuggestions based on È. For  , suppose I½chicken Krice Kwould like some suggestions /ptain these È. - Cquickly search through 1}Kgive Ia ×of Eof 1/ptain one or both of these È.;1What if... ELars, ICsee two ×boxes. 3first one p
tains Eof 1Écurrently defined in 1s Ù 3second is 1What if... ×box. s _be moved ±1s ×box to 1What if... ×box by either Àing a on Kjing on 1Move push \, or dragging Kdropping an DZone ×to 1other. s _be ed ±1What if... ×box in 1manner. %Eof Kons ½Umoved ±1s ×box to 1What if... ×box, kon 1Suggest push \. - C3search 1}K‡a ×of Eof 1àing . A _3be in 1manner as €bed in 1-KInstruction Card section.1Ñ1! Special Featureso`1om¬€€ø'€€‚‚ƒ€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€‚ÿSPECIAL FEATURESDRAG AND DROP - :ever an Ñis being transfered ±one ×to another, 1Ñmay K. 7means /an Ñ_be ng G1ë, Kwhile still holding 1ë]Œ, 1ëon top of 1destination Ÿ¦. ;1ë]is released 1ÑCLar in 1Ÿ¦. For  , if an Çis being Cto a 1Ç_be K‘±1É×to 1ǧon 1Í`.CLIPBOARD - 3mis a pvenient way of transferring {Y- Kother =Oor Yƒ- Ds. To =1m²s $y Áany -/is †ed in an Ÿ¦,  1EDIT çKgCOPY or CUT. 3COPY ³Cÿa sof 1Àed -in 1=l. 3CUT ³Iþs 1Àed -in 1mbut Ies it ±1Ÿ¦. To retrieve -±1l, ÿ1yat 1inside an Ÿ§A1m-!be inserted or Lnded. 2n  1EDIT çKgPASTE. 3m-Cbe þd in 1Ÿ§at 1y.- o-!#Enhancements‰-..€€ø'€€‚‚ƒ€€‚ÿENHANCEMENTS3following is a ×of 1new features Kenhancements /½Uincluded in version 2.0 of -:k¨€€ø'P‘€H€€€€‚€€‚€€‚€€‚€€‚€€‚€€€€‚€€€€‚ÿo Addition of 1What If... ³¯suggestions.o Addition of =3.0 Help Managero Proportional system font.o Increased capacity of s, s KFood Groups ×boxes.o Printing »Uimproved so /€ptions KÌs C beyond a single page.o Dialog æs ½Ureplaced Gpushbuttons tÖ%s&©%o Dow ¯•access.o 3Divide by Zero error when 
ing 1Edit ç»Ufixed.o - is fully =3.0 natible.<<)$€€ø'P‘€H€€‚‚ÿo Color icons.‰z<‰)$€€ø'€ƒ€€‚ÿ3following is a ×of 1new features Kenhancements /½Uincluded in version 2.1 of -:…^‰…02€€ø'P‘€H€€‚€€‚‚ÿo Ability to  1Weekly Plan.o WIN.INI ©is updated automatically on startup.(…(!çÿÿExitingU(G`€€ø'€€‚‚ƒ€€€€€€€€€€‚‚ÿEXITING;I½«using -, I!¥via 1EXIT ±1ÝD's  é If I®get Kturn Knuter off W¤ing, - _÷guarantee /K½Usaved nletely. It is very important /Ialways ¥- via 5on.A"A%€€ø'€€‚ÿGOOD LUCK AND EASY 0!!!`KA`)$€€ø'€‚‚€‚‚‚ÿ Copyright (C) 1990 CompuServe: 72730,1002!`!!ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ‰€ &÷J Å VT¯yr
 "©%Ì)³+ypDHelvŠFö&ˆ‹FøÿNø ÀuTms Rmnéÿ‹Fü+F+ÒSymbolƒÒ+FƒÚ^ƒí  /&;)LzInvalid comprÿÿ¾ÿÿÿÿ Recipe Maker Index&Introduction÷RegistrationJGetting Started What Are ListsÅ List Menu SelectionsVMeasurement ListTFood Group List¯Ingredient ListyRecipe and Instruction CardsrWeekly Plan and Shopping List
What If... "Special Features©%EnhancementsÌ)ExitingŠÝƒãÑã.ÿ§°ÁŠ¦€ù›t€ùt€ñ €ùør€‹ìÅ~ë‹ìÅ~GŠ
€ñ €ùørçŠmƒÇ€Á‹F ‹V‹v
ŽFŒVÐÅÐŊ݃ãÑã.ÿ§°Á‹Ùƒã.ÿ§ ‹كã.ÿ§(‹كã.ÿ—(‹6;6vƒî ‰6ÃèUóëó‹Ùƒã.ÿ§0‹كã.ÿ§8Â÷Áuéêé¡÷Át$ñ÷ÁuùtÇ ÃTX;Äuk¡ ‰FÃ÷Át ÷Áué éè÷ÁuéÇ黊ÝÐëƒã.ÿ§@ŠÝÐëƒã.ÿ§PŠÝÐëƒã.ÿ§`Â÷ÁuéP€ñ÷Áu¸éŠöÁt3À逃@к€ë#º€ë3Ò»¸Âë3҇÷»ØÂë3Ò»ØÂë3Ò»˜ÂŠE ÐàÐà
D ˜ÑàØ2u
þ ÃëꃾË>–.¥.¥.¥.¥.¥.¥ƒï ƒî Ë>–;÷t ¥¥¥¥¥¥ƒï ƒî Ãö tÅ2ÖxÁ놋Ƌ߃ƃǹýó§ür‹ð냋óé~ÿ+Á|‡÷†òÈ÷Ø÷Ø=C~/UR‹u½2Öy÷݋‹M‹]‹} íxé`ƒêƒÙƒÛƒßé‹URQ2֜‹è­‹Ð­‹È­‹Ø­3ö‡î ötpƒþ| ítƒÊ‹ê‹Ñ‹Ë‹Ø3ÀƒîwåtSr)ƒþ|3•
Àt€ÌŠÄŠâ•ŠÖŠñŠÍŠëŠßŠøŠÄ2äƒîwt(ÑåÑÒÑÑÑÓÑÐFuóë‡Î÷Å?tƒÍ ÑèÑÛÑÞÑÚÑÝâô‹Î‹÷‹ø÷Åÿ?tƒÍXx"L\|sÑßÑÛÑÙÑÚÑÝsƒÍ@‹ðé”+L\|s3ö÷×÷Ó÷Ñ÷Ò÷ÝõÖÎÞþ‹ð駋ðX€ô€PéUŠþ2òRÁ@P"ú3ۋë‹Ë‹ Àt ‹ Òt÷â‹è‹ÊU3í‹ Àt‹U Òt ÷âÈڃՋD Àt‹ Òt ÷âÈڃÕX ÁP3ɋ Àt‹U Òt ÷âØêƒÑ‹D Àt‹U Òt ÷âØêƒÑ‹D Àt‹ Òt ÷âØêƒÑX ÃP3ۋ Àt
÷eèʃӋD Àt‹U Òt ÷âèʃӋD Àt‹U Òt ÷âèʃӋD‹ Òt ÷âèʃӋՁåÿ?X ÅP3íR‹D Àt
÷eÈڃՋD Àt‹U Òt ÷âÈڃՋD‹U Òt ÷âÈڃÕQ3ɋD Àt
÷eØêƒÑ‹D‹U Òt ÷âØêƒÑ‹D÷eÅÑY]‹ú‹Ñ‹Ë‹ØX ÀtƒÍ^éÐùÁ2òURVWƒÆƒÇ¹ýó§ü_^œ‹è­‹È­‹Ø­‹Ð­’‹÷¿˜¥¥¥¥3ÿr ÑêÑØÑÛÑÙÑßEU‰>èJWÇè@Wè<Wè8½€ÑáÑÓÑÐÑÒr"¾˜;Tu ;Du;\u; s  Á Ã
Ä2ä‹è‹×Y[_^éQ‹6ž3ÿ;Ösb Òu;ðwA÷öRS—3í‹õ¡˜ Àt÷ç‹òP¡š Àt÷çðꡜ Àt÷çèƒÒ’‹[+ÓÎ[Ý]蕒‘“sO˜šœžsíÃO+˜šœšœ‹˜õëɐ° ÿu ƒîþÈt ‹û‹Ù‹Ê‹Õ3íëé¾Ã‹>–X]é½û÷Çÿuƒî—ŠàŠÇŠûŠÝŠéŠÎŠò—•ŠÔŠà2À•÷ǀuxNÑåÑÒÑÑÑÓÑ×÷ǀtïëe Õ Ê
͊ë ÉtDƒ ÐèrÐèrù€wr'öÇt"ëXPÐärë ÐèrXPÐärë €Çƒ×s¿€F3í‹Õ‹ÊŠÙëK÷ǀu NÑåÑÒÑÑÑÓÑא 

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: