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;3 2
(&)/ 4 2 $*%
 ()$% Russians

;V. ;V0 ;V2 ;^1;Z3rThe primary purpose of this scenario is to introduce the novice player to Panzerkrieg for Windows. The mapboard is highly simplified and the scenario uses only the most basic mechanics. Once you feel comfortable with the mechanics of Ostenkrieg, you should progress to the Patton Fantasy scenario before attempting the more advanced scenarios.

The Russians win if they can reach the right side of the board with at least three units or their equivalent; note that since each unit can accumulate a total of 100% damage, a unit with 50% damage would be considered one-half of a unit for victory purposes while a unit with 25% damage would be three-fourths of a unit.

Note that although the Russians have three 8-inch guns, these may be used ONLY to maintain the security of the Russian objective area.