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PackRat 5.0

Common Questions and Problems

Question: If I delete a folder, will all the data I entered on that folder (Names, Appointments,
Tasks) be lost?
Answer: No. When you delete a folder, you are only deleting a workspace layout. The data you
entered is stored safely in the database. You can always view the data on another folder.

Question: If I delete a category, will this delete the items that were in the category?
Answer: A category may only be deleted after all of its contents have been removed. PackRat
will not allow you to remove the category until you have deleted any forms, templates, Action
Buttons, and other items that are stored in that category.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of folders I can create?
Answer: The number of folder you CAN create is limited only by the amount of free RAM in your
machine. However, adding too many folders can make it difficult for you to find necessary
information. There is no right or wrong number of folders, but most users will find it most useful
and efficient to have between ten and fifteen.

Question: How often should I compress my data files?
Answer: You should compress you files at least once a month. If you are adding or removing
large amounts of data to the file (thousands of records), you should compress more frequently.
Remember, a compress is not the same as a backup. You should backup your data files on a
regular basis.

Problem: I entered an appointment in my Day View, and when I booted PackRat the following
day, the appointment has disappeared.
Answer: You have probably just entered the information into the wrong day. Scroll through your
Day View a bit to try to find the missing item. If you still can't find it, add a List Viewer to your
folder and use the Search-All command to find all the items. Your missing item should be on the
list. You can then edit the item to change it to the correct date.

Problem: I just imported a whole list of items from another database (or from a handheld
device), but it doesn't appear in my List Viewer.
Answer: After an Import or a Transfer, you must choose Search-All to refresh your List Viewer.
Once you do this, the data should appear. If it does not, then check to make sure you imported
the data to the correct form.

Problem: I can't see any data on my List Viewer, though I know I added a number of records.
Answer: First, check the font of your List Viewer. Make sure that you haven't set it to the same
color as the background of the List Viewer. If this doesn't help, check to make sure the List
Viewer is pointing to the correct form. It may be pointing to a form other than the one in which
you entered the data.

Problem: I highlighted a whole month on my calendar, and now I can't seem to select a single
day on that month.
Answer: Scroll the calendar to a following month. Select a date on that month. Then, scroll back
to the original month and select the date you needed.

Problem: I have imported a list of names and have them displayed in my List Viewer, but they
are not in alphabetical order.
Answer: In order to display the items in alphabetical order, you should use the Sort Option
(available from the Instant Options menu). Sort by Last name, or whatever is shown in the first
column of your List Viewer.

Problem: Why am I not able to click on a date on my Calendar and have the Day View switch to
that day?
Answer: In order for the date to change based on what you select on the Calendar, you need to
turn the Date Tracking Option on for your Day View. To do this, right-click on the Day View, and
select Date Tracking from the Instant Options Menu.

Problem: I had an object on my folder, but it seems to have disappeared.
Answer: Most likely, the object has been iconized. It is probably hiding in the lower left-hand

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