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ISSUE: The storage of temporary files on a compressed drive. PackRat like many
applications generates temporary files to work with. PackRat temporary files
typically use about 500kb of disk space or less.

SOLUTION: To insure smooth system operation when installing and running
PackRat we suggest that you direct the storage of all temporary files to a
directory on an uncompressed drive.

PROCESS: The storage of temporary files on an uncompressed drive can readily
be accomplished by 1) creating a TEMP directory on an uncompressed drive and
2) using a text editor modify the SET TEMP line in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to
direct TEMP files to the uncompressed drive.


1. Typically the storage location of temporary files is directed by a line in the
AUTOEXEC.BAT file. This line will look like: SET TEMP=. What follows the equal
sign could be: C:\DOS, C:\WINDOWS\TEMP, C:\TEMP, or any directory
designated to hold the files created for temporary use by an application.

2. As you will note in item 1 above the temporary files are more times then not
directed to the compressed drive. Experience has shown that system
performance can be impacted when applications are not shut down properly, i.e.
a loss of power, system lockup, reboot with applications open, or any number of
reasons, the temporary files are not properly closed and deleted and thus remain
in the file system.

3. When data compression utilities such as Doublespace, SpeedStor, or Stacker
are installed using the default parameters the uncompressed portion of the drive
will typically be about 1MB in size. The container file for the compressed data will
normally cover the rest of the drive.

4. When using a system with a data compression utility installed a worst case
scenario would be to have the compressed drive become WRITE PROTECTED
or to have the data become INACCESSIBLE. Now you have to deal with the
compressed drive problem before proceeding with your work or play. This is the
type of problem can be eliminated by storing the temporary files on an
uncompressed drive.

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Archive   : PCKRT5_A.ZIP
Filename : COMPRE.TXT

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