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August 8,1990
September 21,1990
L400 Windows 3.0 Driver ver .31 (OL400.DRV + GENDRV.EXE)

Installation instructions:
1. Insert the driver distribution disk in a floppy disk drive.
2. Copy the file GENDRV.EXE to your windows directory*.
3. Copy the file SF400.EXE to your windows directory*.
4. Install the driver (OL400.DRV) via the Windows Control Panel.
*for Windows 3.0, this is usually \windows\system

Font information:
The fonts for the L400 can be very confusing, so this README.400 file
is intended to clarify which L400 fonts are available and how
to access them from the driver.

NOTE: 'menu item' below references a menu item selected from the printer's
front panel menu system.

It is recommended to operate the printer with 'cart F' menu item selected,
since this is what the default driver configuration assumes (after driver

HP Laserjet compatible DLL (or 'soft' fonts) are supported by the driver.
They are installed through the driver setup menu the same way as for the
HP Laserjet driver.
DLL fonts override resident fonts if there is a conflict of
name-pointsize combination.