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If you are having MOUSE problems under Windows NT, then read on.

Microsoft Windows NT OCT 1992 Release does NOT support a BUS mouse. ATI
has supplied a BUS mouse version called INPORT.SYS that replaces the
Microsoft INPORT.SYS (at this point, it is the easy way).

If you own these ATI graphics cards and your mouse plugs into the ATI card,
then your Mouse will NOT work. Goto Installation Instructions.
Graphics Ultra Pro
Graphics Ultra +
VGA Wonder+

If you own these ATI graphics cards, your Mouse should work.
Graphics Ultra
Graphics Vantage
8514/Ultra (trick question, there is NO mouse port)
VGA Wonder XL
VGA Wonder XL24
VGA Stereo FX

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ---------------------------------------

Copy the new INPORT.SYS mouse driver to the C:\WINNT\SYSTEM\DRIVERS
This lets Windows NT believe it is using an INPORT mouse.

MOUSE PROBLEMS ---------------------------------------

Mouse does not Move in Windows NT. If the mouse is connected to the
ATI graphics adapter, then these problems may be at fault.

-- The ATI mouse driver expects mouse setup to use IRQ 5 and primary

Use the Windows NT Setup program to verify an Inport mouse is selected.
If it is NOT, login as the administrator and select Inport mouse.

The default ATI mouse configuration CONFLICTS with the default
Future Domain TMC-845 SCSI adapter. Both use IRQ5 Interrupt. Change
the Future Domain, or the ATI Mouse IRQ using the ATI Install program.
Read the following paragraphs.

The ATI mouse may be configured to use a DIFFERENT IRQ and I/O address.
This requires a bit of manual installation (for now), and here is how
to do it.

a) Boot DOS and run the ATI Installation utility to determine the MOUSE
IRQ and I/O address. Remember these values. Depending on your card
the program may be called INSTALL.EXE, VINSTALL.EXE, or C-INFO.EXE.

b) Boot Windows NT and execute the Registry Editor REGEDIT.EXE (it is
on the PATH).

c) change to

d) Select EDIT -- ADD VALUE called Irq
Data type is REG_DWORD
Value is 2,3,4 or 5 according to your configuration
select OK to add this parameter.

d) Select EDIT -- ADD VALUE called IoBase
Data type is REG_DWORD
Value is 23C hex or 238 hex according to your configuration
select OK to add this parameter.

e) The new values should be added to the list on the right.
Exit Registry Editor, Reboot Win NT, mouse should work.

-- Sometimes because the Bus mouse interrupt is always enabled,
during Windows NT startup (blue text screen visible) an Unexpected
IRQL error occurs.
To work around this, disable the mouse interrupt temporarily by :
run debug
o23E 10
Boot Windows NT

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