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A Multimedia driver for Microsoft Windows 3.1 that supports all of the
Music Quest interfaces is supplied on this diskette. Note that this
driver will only work with Windows 3.1 or Windows 3.0 with Multimedia
Extensions 1.0. This driver will work with any Windows applications
that are written to support the Multimedia features of Windows 3.1.
To install the driver, follow these steps:

1) Un-zip the MQXDRV.ZIP file onto a floppy in drive A:.

1) From inside of Windows, open the Control Panel and select
the DRIVERS icon.

2) Choose 'Add' from the Drivers dialog box.

3) Select 'Unlisted or Updated Driver'.

4) Insert the diskette that you made in step 1 above in
drive A: and select 'OK'.

5) Select the desired driver from the list shown and choose

6) Once the driver has been installed, a configuration dialog
box will appear. This is the dialog box that you will use
to change settings in the driver and to stripe SMPTE (for
MQX-16S and MQX-32M only). Set the 'Model', 'Address', and
'IRQ' to agree with the MIDI interface that you have installed.
Select the desired sync type from the choices that are available
for your interface.

7) Select 'OK' to save these changes. You may have to restart
Windows for the changes to become effective.


Owners of MQX-16S or MQX-32M interfaces can stripe SMPTE from inside
Windows using the Music Quest MIDI Driver. From the Control Panel
Drivers dialog box, choose the desired Music Quest driver and select
'Setup'. The driver configuration dialog box will open. Select
'Stripe SMPTE...'. You may then enter the starting Origin, Format,
and Duration. Set your tape machine to record and select 'GO'. The
current time will be displayed as the tape is striped.

During the striping process, no MIDI data is sent to applications and
any data sent to the driver is ignored. Therefore, when striping it
is best to stop playback or record operations in any Windows
application that uses the MIDI interface, to prevent loss of MIDI


In Windows Enhanced mode, when the Music Quest MIDI Driver is
installed non-Windows MIDI programs will not be able to access the
MIDI interface. This limitation is a necessary part of the operation
of Windows; it makes it possible for multiple Windows applications to
access a single MIDI interface. In order to run non-Windows MIDI
applications you will have to exit Windows, Remove the driver (using
the Control Panel Drivers applet), or run Windows in Standard Mode.
Consult the Microsoft documentation for information on Standard Mode

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