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* *
* The * Free * Energy * Demo V *
* ------------------------------ *
* View the world's first free energy machine running *
* This is the future of a clean nonpolluting energy production *
* *
* First MPEG demo of the Testatika-machine *
* *

Seeing is believing !

The first really running *free energy* machine coming from Switzerland, Europe.

It was developped over a 20 years Research period by a religious group called :


This group lives in CH-3517 Linden, Switzerland. The inventor of this superb
machine, Mr.Paul Baumann claims, its running principle was found by studying
the lightning effects from nature.

And here are the facts :

* Testatika is an influence-type Wimhurst machine which runs on it's own
energy, once started by counterclock revolving it's 2 dics by hand !!!

* Testatika not only runs on it' own energy, but produces also a huge amount
of excess power, at least 3 KWATTS of power !!!
(That is enough to supply a one person appartment with one machine !)

* The machine You see during this demo-animation is only about 70 cm wide,
40 cm deep and about 60 cm tall !

* It delivers DC-Voltage ranging from 270 til 320 Volts, only depending on the
dryness of the air ! At this voltage it can supply at least 10 Amperes of
DC-current !

* Testatika is not a perpetuum mobile, but an energy machine that collects it's
huge amount of "FREE" energy from the charged and ionized air particals.
But there are still some technological tricks implemented to overcome the
normal drag-resistance of a conventional Wimhurst machine, which is still
the secret of the Methernitha group !!!

When will this technology be available for everyone ???

The Testatika machines, (there already exists also some smaller units which
only deliver about 200-300 Watts) are not yet mass-production type models !
They are still laboratory prototype units, although they are build with a very
good craftmansship !

For more info contact directly:

CH-3517 LINDEN,Switzerland
TEL.-Nr.: ++ 41 31 97 11 24

The pictures are from some photos and from a video-tape Methernitha
sells for 180 Swiss franken. It shows the machines (also the smaler ones) and
explains also Methernitha's spiritual aims. The tape has a running length of
about 40 minutes and is really worth looking at it! It is also available in
VHS-NTSC and american language.
It also shows Methernitha's earlier research developments like huge wind
generators, charging their big Battery-cell-station.

With the Testatika there is no fraud, hidden batteries or any other hidden
energy source. It is really running !!!
They already have the technology of ten years ahead !!!
No more oil, no more pollution, no more atomic waste products, no more hunger
in this world !
This is the machine the mankind has dreamed about for centuries. Now it has
come true !!!

More information about the Methernitha machine is also available inside the
german magazine RAUM & ZEIT, issue Nr.40, 8.Jahrgang from Ehlers Verlag,
Daimlerstrasse 5, D-8029 Sauerbach, Germany.


Running the demo-animations:
See mpeg.txt file for more information on how to load the perpetu5.mpg file.

During the running of the animation, adjust Your monitor to the right
brightness, so You can see all the details !

You can see Mr. Paul Baumann lightning a 100 Watt-bulb powered by the
Testatika machine.

A SVGA 640x480x256 sceen size FLI animation with much better reolution than
this is available via anonymous FTP on (
in the directory /pub/bigflis

It is called perpetu4.exe and the SVGA-FLI-player is included !

The animations were done with the help of the superb FRAME-grabber from
Ing.-Buero Fricke Electronics, Berlin,Germany. If You want to have some info of
this frame-grabber hardware, please contact Mr. Fricke personally, at
Tel.: ++ 49 30 801 56 52. Don't call him about the new energy-machines !!!!

This demo was done by Stefan Hartmann and it is public domain !

Please copy it and show it to all people who care about saving our earth and
our children from environmental pollution ! Thanks a lot !

Berlin, the 28th of MAY 1992, best regards, Stefan Hartmann, member of
Werkstatt fuer dezentrale Energieforschung e.V.
Please send only FAX-message response and leave Your FAX number to my fax:
Stefan Hartmann , FAX: ++ 49 30 344 92 79
FAX within Germany: 030 344 92 79
email on Internet: [email protected]

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