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1¾«0'+++++,Ordering Information and Legal Obligations

MF takes a unique approach to how it is sold: It's $2.

However, that doesn't mean you own it. It only means you can use it without paying for the distribution rights. The near free status ONLY applies to individuals, small companies and United States federal, state, and local governmental agencies. You may use MF while developing a product for near free. Once you sell your product, you must pay for MF. Note: If you never intend to create a product with MF (e.g. just want to use it for in-house development), please keep in mind that you must pay for distribution rights if you plan to distribute it in-house. We aren't trying to be grinches, but it does cost us a heck of a lot to provide tech support.

Since we are a small company, we understand how difficult it is to start out. We want you to use MF until you create your product and get off the ground. Once you get going, we expect you to pay for MF. Distributing MF with the intention to turn a profit is illegal if you have not registered for the distribution rights.

In as much, while you are first starting out, you may DISTRIBUTE MF to potential clients at no cost. When you get your first 'pay check' for something created using MF, we expect you to pay the following:

Unlimited Distribution rights: $186

That said, we also understand that others create 'shareware' at little or no cost. If you create a shareware package and can't afford to pay the registration fee, you may pay a portion of it. As your revenues increase, you can pay any remaining portion of the fee. Our intention is to make an affordable database for you to use. Not make it impossible to create something nifty. In return for the 'time payment plan', we ask for a 'registered' copy of your shareware. (We like nifty things, too!)

Other things:
What about 'freeware'? If you're creating freeware, that's fine. Since you aren't trying to turn a profit -- you don't have to pay to distribute MF with your utility. However, we would like a mention in your 'About' box and a copy of your utility.

What about uploading MFxxx.ZIP to BBS's? Please do, just don't alter the ZIP file. You may include MF (unaltered) with any 'shareware' disk-ordering service, also. However, it must be clear to the recipient of the disk that they are obligated to register anything they like. If you are a distribution house and wish to allow customers to register through you, please contact us.

These prices are valid through February, 1994.

NOTICE: Temporarily, the DISTRIBUTION rights are $40. (Valid through February 15, 1994)


The license above is for 1 version and 1 major upgrade of MF. Each additional upgrade will cost 10% of the current 'full license' price. (e.g. to stay current, after the first major upgrade, would cost $18.60 at today's full-price). You are not obligated to take the upgrades. You may continue to use the previous release of MF until the end of time...

The exception to the upgrade rule: ALL bug fixes will always be free. If that means you get extra features for free, oh well, it was our fault for making you deal with the bug.

version 1.1

Your Name: _________________________________________________

Company Name: _________________________________________________

Address (full): _________________________________________________

Phone (voice): _________________________________________________

Phone (fax): _________________________________________________

Compuserve ID: _________________________________________________

Other on-line services: _________________________________________________

Where did you get MF?_________________________________________________

What do you plan on creating (if you want to tell us...)?

Registration Type:
Just Registering: 1 x $2 = _______(or postcard, see below)

Distribution Rights: ___ x $186 = _______ ($40, until Feb 15, 1994)

The latest version: ___ x $10 = _______
(mailed to you on disk...)

Total: _______

In lieu of the $2 registration fee, you may enclose a postcard from your home town, (A postcard is the preffered method of registration...)

(Note: This product is Made in the U.S.A., so, please, pay in a manner which can be deposited in a US bank without causing us to incurr some ridiculous fee...)

Address: Carl Brown
Attn: MF
16 Martins Square
Rockville, MD 20850
o be grinches, but it does cost us a heck of a lot to provide tech support.




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