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:Rev 2-July-1992
Copyright (C) 1992 - Xing Technology Corporation
All Rights Reserved

The program VT-Motion (DEMO Version) courtesy of:
Xing Technology Corporation
PO Box 950 Voice: 805-473-0145
456 Carpenter Canyon FAX: 805-473-0147
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 BBS: 805-473-2680 (2400b)


The program may be used and distributed freely
with the above acknowledgement of its origin.

Xing products include:
MPEG Motion video capture/encode and decode.
JPEG Photo image encode and decode.
Video capture boards and associated software for both JPEG and MPEG.

Microsoft Windows Applications, DOS Applications,
and Software Developers Kits are available for JPEG and MPEG.

:Rev 2-July-1992

1. Video Adapter Card:
Must include one of the Video chips which are supported
by the Dynamic Link Libraries on the program disk.
----------------------------------- -----------------------------
Supported chips are: Associated Xing DLL files:
ATI m320-ati.dll, m160-ati.dll
Video7 m320-v7.dll, m160-v7.dll
Trident 8900B/C m320-tri.dll, m160-tri.dll
Compaq Q-Vision m320-cpq.dll, m160-cpq.dll
Tseng ET-4000 / Weitek 5186 m320-tsg.dll, m160-tsg.dll
Western Digital WD90Cxx(Paradise): m320-wd.dll, m160-wd.dll
Cirrus GD542x: m320-cir.dll, m160-cir.dll

The video board must be configured with suitable RAM to support display of
256 colors. The appropriate OEM video driver for operating your board in
256 color mode must be installed via the normal Windows 3.x setup program.
It is recommended to use 640x480 drivers first to assure proper operation.
Thereafter, higher resolutions may be attempted, but will not work on
some boards.

2. Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs:
All DLLs work in 640 x 480 x 256 color modes under windows
Some DLLs work in higher resolution modes (only for 256 color).

The program files VTM160.EXE and VTM320.EXE will NOT use these DLLs as
named above. The appropiate pair of DLLs above must be copied/renamed
prior to running either of the two programs.

Copy/rename M160-xx.DLL so that its name becomes MPEG160-DLL
Copy/rename M320-xx.DLL so that its name becomes MPEG320-DLL

When VTM160.EXE is "run" from within windows it will access MPEG160.DLL.
When VTM320.EXE is "run" from within windows it will access MPEG320.DLL.

The numbers 320 and 160 refer to the pixel width of the video playback.
The program Dynamic Link Library files (MPEG160.DLL and MPEG320.DLL)
must reside in the same directory as the main program files
(VTM160.EXE and VTM320.EXE)

:Rev 2-July-1992


3. List of known compatible video boards:

Video adapter VGA chip type: Compatible Video Card:
---------------------------- -------------------------------------

Video7: Video 7 VRAM II

Trident 8900B/C:

Compaq Q-Vision: Compaq Q-Vision
(select 8-bit DAC via CPQSETUP.EXE)

Tseng ET-4000 / Weitek 5186: Orchid Pro Designer IIs, Everex Viewpoint,
Diamond Speedstar, Cardinal VGA 700/732,
Boca Super VGA, STB Powergraph/Powerview

Western Digital WD90Cxx(Paradise):

Cirrus GD542x:
Xing is developing support for other video processors and boards.
You may contact us for up-to-date information or check our BBS for the
latest technical information.

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