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1¾«N3888889'o÷‡ú}JJ Flash - the fast Windows launcher

JJ Flash is not free. It is ASP shareware, and requires a $14.95 registration fee after a 30 day trial period. See below for more information about registration.

Program description

JJ Flash is a desktop accessory for Windows that locates and launches icons for you. Every Windows user knows the frustration of hunting for the icon you want to run - often many times a day! JJ Flash takes care of this task, in a pure and simple fashion. Most people who get used to having JJ around would never use Windows without it.

Easy to use

Simply type in any part of an icon name (for example, PAD to run the notepad), and press enter.
The icon name is the part that usually appears underneath the icon in Program Manager (not necessarily the filename).

If only icon one matches what you typed, that icon is launched automatically.

If more than one icon matches, JJ displays a list to choose from.

If no icon matches, JJ will attempt to execute the command. If you've entered A:SETUP, for instance, that command will be run.

Once JJ launches the icon, it minimizes itself and waits on your Windows desktop, ready to be used again.

To end JJ, without having it minimize itself, use the EXIT button or click on File/Close.

To minimize JJ without searching, press the CANCEL button or the ESC key.

You must enter at least two letters to begin your search.

There is a shareware reminder that comes up when JJ or Windows is closed. Once you register the program, you will receive a registration key that will keep this reminder from appearing.

Installing JJ Flash in the startup group and assigning a shortcut key

To use JJ most effectively, you can make it appear automatically as an icon on your desktop when you begin Windows, so it will always be available to save you time and keystrokes. In addition, you can assign a shortcut key to JJ, so you can call it up without even taking your hands off the keyboard. Here are instructions to do this:

In the Program Manager (the main windows screen), locate the icon group called 'Startup' and add JJ Flash to this group. You should see the JJ Flash icon appear as part of the startup group.

Next, make sure the JJ Flash icon is highlighted and choose File/Properties. You should see an entry screen with a number of items.

In the Shortcut key field, enter the letter J. Progam manager will fill in Ctrl + Alt + J.

Place a check in the Run Minimized box, and press OK.

You may now run JJ from any Windows or DOS application. Simply press CTRL, ALT, and J, all at the same time. If JJ is running, as an icon it will pop up over the program you are running. If it is not running as an icon, you can launch it by making Program manager the topmost window and using CTRL-ALT-J.

License information
JJ Flash is not free. It is ASP shareware. If you've never heard this term before, it simply means 'try before you buy' software. You are granted a license to try JJ for thirty days, to see if you like it. If you do, and continue to use it beyond the thirty day period you must register it for a fee of $14.95. Accompanying files detail the legal rights granted to vendors, sysops, and users.

Why register - what's in it for me?
When you register, either by mailing a check or calling 800-242-4PSL, you will be sent the following:

A 3 1/2" floppy disk containing the newest update to the JJ Flash program

A registration key, that will personalize your copy of JJ and remove the 'shareware reminder' screen that appears whenever you close JJ. This key can then be used to register and personalize any future version of JJ.

Technical support via mail, Compuserve, America on-line, Prodigy, and telephone. Sorry, we can not offer technical support to non-registered users.

To register JJ Flash
By Mail:
Press the EXIT button in JJ Flash and then use the PRINT key. A registration form will appear on your printer. Fill in the form and mail it, with check or money order in US funds to address provided on the form.
By Phone:
Call 800-242-4PSL with any major credit card to place your order. Note: the 800 number operators do not work for Desktop Solutions, so they can only take orders. They can not answer questions or provide telephone support. Please do not mail a request to charge your purchase. We are not equipped to accept charge card purchases through the mail. Also, a 5.00 surcharge will be applied to cover the costs of the 800 number and charge card fees. You may avoid this surcharge by simply following the mail instructions, and mailing a check or money order in US funds.

If you are a registered user and require technical support, you may contact us at:
Compuserve 74676,3314
Prodigy KDTR60A
America on-line FRANKIMB


Desktop Solutions
34 Inwood Rd
Port Washington NY 11050
(516) 944-3254

Technical information about JJ FLASH:
JJ Flash is written in C++. It uses DDE to query the program manager about the groups you have available, and about the icons in each group. Then it tries to use the Windows registration database to launch the icon. As a result, JJ will locate the program to launch for many common file extensions. For instance, an icon may actually contain the filename MYDOC.WRI (rather than WRITE MYDOC). Since JJ will find the .WRI extension in the registration database, it will automatically run Write. See your Windows manual for more information about the registration database.

JJ Flash requires Windows 3.1 or higher running Program Manager . JJ Flash may not work with replacement shells like Norton's Desktop, since these programs are not necessarily DDE compatible with Program Manager. Program Manager is by far the most popular shell for Windows 3.x, as it the one supplied with Windows.
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