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The INTL package

An Internationalizing DLL for
Microsoft Windows (tm)

Version 1.0

____|__ | (tm)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

Copyright (C) 1992 by Bj”rn Fahller. All rights reserved.

1. Introduction

INTL.DLL is the dynamic link library that will make your
programs better fit for the international market. Not only
does it contain functions to provide good international
support, but using them is also as simple as not using them.
As an example, the standard way to convert a floating point
number to a string, is through a sprintf. With the DLL you'd
use the function IntlFloatToString, which is as easy, if not
even easier to use, formats the result after the
international settings in WIN.INI and provides more powerful
means of chosing format than with sprintf. INTL.DLL also
provides the functions IntlGetPhrase and IntlGetMessage to
easily fetch words, phrases and long messages in the language
currently used. Your program never have to be aware of what
language is in use.

INTL.DLL is distributed as Shareware.

2. Definition of ShareWare

Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software
before buying it. If you try a Shareware program, and continue
using it, you are expected to register. Individual programs
differ on details -- some request registration, while others
require it, some specify a maximum trial period. With
registration, you get anything from the simple right to
continue using the software to an updated program with
printed manual.

Copyright laws apply to both Shareware and commercial
software, and the copyright holder retains all rights, with a
few specific exceptions as stated below. Shareware authors
are accomplished programmers, just like commercial authors,
and the programs are of comparable quality. (In both cases,
there are good programs, and bad ones!) The main difference
is the method of distribution. The author specifically grants
the right to copy and distribute the software, either to all
and sundry or to a specific group. For example, some authors
require written permission before a commercial disk vendor
may copy their Shareware.

Shareware is a distribution method, not a type or software.
You should find software that suits your needs and pocket-
book, whether it's commercial or Shareware. The Shareware
system makes fitting your needs easier, because you can try
before you buy. And because the overhead is low, prices are
low also. Shareware has the ultimate money-back guarantee --
if you don't use the product, you don't pay for it.
3. Association of shareware professionals

Bj”rn Fahller is a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the
shareware principle works for you. If you are unable to
resolve a shareware-related problem with an ASP member by
contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to help. The
ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with
an ASP member, but does not provide technical support for
members' products. Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at

545 Grover Road,
Muskegon, MI 49442

or send a CompuServe message via CompuServe Mail to ASP
Ombudsman 70007,3536.

4. Disclaimer - Agreement


The INTL package in a "shareware program" and is provided at
no charge to the users for evaluation. Feel free to share it
with your friends, but bare in mind that the INTL package, as
part of another system, requires registration. The essence of
"user-supported" software is to provide personal computer
users with quality software without high prices, and yet
provide incentive for programmers to continue to develop new
products. If you find the INTL package useful, and decide to
use it in a program, or system of programs, you must make a
registration payment of $55 to the author. The $55
registration fee, will licence you the right to use the INTL
package as part of programs, or systems of programs,
developed for your own personal use, or delivered free of
charge. If you use the INTL package in a program, or system
of programs, that are to be sold for money, you must contact
me for an agreement on a royalty base, preferably on a "per
sold unit" base. That base must, by nature, be different for
different programs, which is why you must contact the author.
Site-license arrangements can be made by contacting the
Anyone distributing the INTL package for any kind of
remuneration must first contact the author for authorization.

You are encouraged to pass copies of the INTL package to your
friends for evaluation. Please encourage them to register
their copy if they find that they can use it. All registered
users will receive a copy of the latest version of the INTL

5. Support

As a registered user you are entitled to free technical support
(I will not pay for phone-calls, but I won't charge you for
contacting me) for as long as the product is alive. When the
product is no longer alive, I will write you a letter stating
that the product is considered dead, but support will continue 12
months after the date of the letter. The support given includes
answering questions of all kinds and helping with problems,
receiving bug reports. Reported bugs will be taken care of, and
all users will be notified (mail-wise) that an upgrade is
available. That upgrade will be free. If there is an
incompatibility problem that I fail to fix, the money will be
returned and all other registered users will be notified of the
incompatibility. For non registered users only trivial questions
and questions related to registering will be answered.

How to contact me:

Most preferred is electronic mail:
I check my mailbox almost every day, so this is a fast and
reliable method that is independent of time differences. My
E-mail address on the Internet is: [email protected]

If you have access to electronic mail on any network I will
try to find out how you can reach me, and notify you when
confirming the registration.

This is definitely the fastest way. My phone number is:
+46 920-26870 (+46 920-226870 after April 11 1992). I'm
available most evenings between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM Central
European Time. If you're calling from out of Europe, please
note the time difference.

This is very safe, but unfortunately slow. My address is:
Bj”rn Fahller
Trolln„sv„gen 3A
S-951 61 Lule†

6. Incompatibilities

There are no known incompatibilities between the INTL package
and any other software.
7. Registration

If you are going to use the INTL package in a program, or a
system of programs you must register. The registration fee is
$55 or SEK300. Use cash. forreign-exchange checks (NO
PERSONAL CHECKS, PLEASE), Swedish PostGiro (absolutely
recommended for Scandinavian users), or other means of
payment refundable in Swedish banks. If you pay through
PostGiro, don't forget to write your full address on the
PostGiro form, and state that it is payment for the INTL
package. Fill in the registration form (REGISTR.FRM) and
send to:

Bj”rn Fahller
Trolln„sv„gen 3A
S-951 61 Lule†

8. Trademarks

MS-Windows, Windows, Windows3.0, Windows3.1, Microsoft and Windows SDK are
registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
IBM is a registered trademark of the
International Business Machines Corporation.

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