Category : Windows 3.X Files
Archive   : HCP.ZIP
Filename : HCP.TXT

Output of file : HCP.TXT contained in archive : HCP.ZIP

HCP.EXE is a version of the Windows 3.1 Help Compiler which has been
enhanced to use extended memory. The extended memory version of the
Windows 3.1 Help Compiler (HCP.EXE) generates files for the
Windows 3.1 Help application. As with all previous versions of the
Windows Help Compiler, the new version runs under MS-DOS. However,
the new version requires extended memory and is best run in an
MS-DOS session under Windows.

The size and complexity of the files processed by earlier versions of
the Windows Help Compiler is constrained by the amount of free MS-DOS
memory available at compile time. This capacity constraint has caused
difficulties for some developers creating very large files for Windows
Help. The HCP application removes this capacity constraint.

For more information on the Windows Help Compiler, see Chapter 3 of
the "Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit: Programming Tools"
for version 3.1 manual.