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1¾«Ú',,-./0Graphic Viewer

Version 2.0

Copyright C/Systems 1991, 1992

Graphic Viewer is a graphic file viewer for the Windows 3.0 environment. It is capable of displaying images in 2, 16, 256 and 24-bit color formats. Supported file formats include Windows 3.0 BMP, OS/2 BMP and PCX. It makes use of a custom control available from C/Systems. This control provides the capability of displaying graphic files with more colors than the standard Visual Basic Picture control. Support of the extra colors requires a Super-VGA Windows 3.0 card and driver for 256 colors and a display card capable of displaying at least 32,768 colors for 24-bit graphic files (e.g. ATI Wonder XL ).

Installing Graphic Viewer

Copy all the files on the disk (or in the .ZIP if you received Graphic Viewer in this format) to a directory of your choice. Start Windows 3.0 and open the Program Group that you would like the icon to reside in. On the Program Manager menu select File. Select New and click on OK when the dialog box pops up. In the first edit box type Graphic Viewer and then hit the Tab key. In the next box type in the directory where you put the Graphic Viewer files and add GRAPHICV.EXE ( e.g. C:\WINDOWS\APPLETS\GRAPHICV.EXE ). Now click on the OK button. That's it! Now you can click on the icon and run Graphic Viewer.

Using Graphic Viewer

Graphic Viewer will display standard drive, directory and file list boxes on the left side of the window. Only files matching the extension in the filter box will be displayed in the list ( default is *.BMP ). By double clicking a filename the file will be displayed in the picture window. If the file is taller or wider than the picture window the necessary scrollbars will appear. Information about the file loaded is displayed on the lower left side of the screen. This show height, width and the number of bits of color in the file loaded.

Registering Graphic Viewer

If you continue to use Graphic Viewer for more than 30 days after receiving it, you must register it with C/Systems. To register Graphic Viewer, please complete the registration form at the end of this document. To order the Graphic Custom Control please see the associated documentation and order form. By purchasing the Graphic Custom Control, you will automatically become a registered user of Graphic Viewer, and receive full source code.


Version 2.0: Adds support for 24-bit BMP files. Complete support for PCX files
added. Scrollbars and information display added.

Version 1.0: Fixes a problem with monochrome and 16-color BMP files.
Adds support for OS/2 BMP files.

Other products

Graphic Custom Control

This is a custom control for Visual Basic that allows software developers to incorporate 2, 16, 256 and 24-bit color graphic support into their programs. See the documentation file GRAPHIC.WRI for more information.


Program to create and maintain scuba diving logbooks. Supports multiple divers, calculates single dive and repetitive dive profiles and pressure groups. Utilizes pop-up windows and full drop-down menus for ease of use.

Registration Form for Graphic Viewer

Name: _______________________________

Company: _______________________________

Address: _______________________________

Phone: ________________( not required )

Where did you obtain Graphic Viewer? ___________________________________

Comments, Bugs etc: ________________________________________________

Shipping Information:

Disk Size: ____ 3 1/2" ____ 5 1/4"

Qty Item Total

____ Software Registration for Graphic Viewer @ US$5.00 $_____
____ Software Registration for Graphic Viewer @CAN$6.50 $_____
Add $1.00 each for 3 1/2" disks $_____
Shipping and Handling @$2.50 $_____
Provincial Sales Tax (Ont residents only) $_____
Total $_____
Remit in US or CDN Funds to:
Stephen Cramp Make payment in Cheque or Money Order
C/Systems only please. DO NOT send cash.
13584 Kennedy Rd. N., Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
Inglewood, Ont,

urchasing the Graphic Custom Control, €w’sŸp¡nÁkÃiÉe0cK`U^X[gYiV¥T$¥µxpvusÅqÛnl#iè gò dê

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ZnXn…x®vÄsÚqÛnl#iè gò dê

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