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>>> Welcome to Gator Edit 1.0. <<<

Make sure your editor's word wrap is turned on when you view this file.

** Please note that Gator Edit will be pester-free for one month. After that,
it will remind you that you have not registered. See the on-line help for
more details about Registration. **

The on-line help file contains all the important information you'll need, so refer to it when necessary. This includes registration, how to contact us to report a problem, support sites on RIME, U'NI, and Internet, etc.

To install Gator Edit, create a directory (C:\GATOR is fine) and copy all the files from this ZIP file into it. Gator automatically knows where he is and will create a INI file the first time you launch him.

See the help file or the Windows documentation for instructions on how to add Gator Edit to your shell or menu if you're at all confused about this.

The following files MUST be in this zip to install Gator Edit:

BEEP.WAV - sound file used by Gator
BEEP2.WAV - sound file used by Gator
BWEEP.WAV - sound file used by Gator
CLANK.WAV - sound file used by Gator
CRUNCH.WAV - sound file used by Gator
DODAD.DLC - file used internally by Gator
FILE_ID.DIZ - BBS description (you can delete this)
GATGREP.DLL - file search DLL
GATOR.EXE - main program file
GATOR.HLP - on-line help file
GATORSYS.DLL - DLL used internally
GATORTC.DLL - DLL used internally
GATSC.DLL - DLL used internally
GATSPELL.DLL - used by spell-checker (requires dictionary)
OPEN.WAV - sound file used by Gator
README.TXT - this file
THUNK.WAV - sound file used by Gator
TWEEP.WAV - sound file used by Gator

You cannot delete any of the DLL files (even if you do not want a function, they're required to load the Editor).

Contact us and let us know what you think of Gator Edit.

Derek Backus - [email protected]
RIME ->5092 - CMPQwk Support conf.
CIS 72233,3255
U'NI CMPQwk conference

Todd Henschell - [email protected]
RIME ->487 - CMPQwk Support conf.
U'NI CMPQwk conference