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1¾«ó  FontPower 1.0a Release Notes
© 1993 Lightning Systems

What Is FontPower?
FontPower is a font management system designed to help you make better use of your type library. Unlike most font management tools, FontPower handles both ATM and TrueType fonts. This allows you to manage both font formats in one program.

FontPower can speed operation of Windows. Because you don't have to keep all your fonts active at one time, it doesn't take as long for Windows programs (and Windows itself) to load and run.

FontPower requires at least Windows 3.0. However, you'll need Windows 3.1 to use TrueType fonts. You will also need the runtime version of ToolBook 1.5, if it did not come with this copy of FontPower.

If you have used FontPower in the past, just copy the 1.0a files over your 1.0 files. This will upgrade your copy automatically. You'll find some speedups, as well as a better help system. Have fun!

Installing FontPower
To install FontPower, just load fpower.tbk (tbook fpower.tbk). FontPower will come up, and you'll see a dialog box saking you if you want FontPower to install your fonts. If you don't plan to use fonts stored on disk, answer "Yes". FontPower will then load all the fonts that are in your TrueType and ATM directories. If there are fonts that are not in either directory, you'll need to use the Disk Manager to add them.

Once FontPower is installed, use the online help system to find out how to use FontPower.

Marketing Information
FontPower is Shareware. You can try out FontPower for up to 15 days. If you want to continue to use FontPower, you need to register your copy.

To register, please print the "Restration Form" and send a check for $20 (lower price than 1.0) in U.S. funds to:

Martin Knowles
11020 NE 64th St
Kirkland, WA 98033

When you register, you will receive a full-service version of FontPower with printed documentation. You will also be notified about and get discounts on future upgrades of FontPower, as well as clearing your conscience and supporting a young programmer. Since your registration serves as an incentive for the programmer to develop new and better versions of FontPower, feel free to send your feedback/questions/comments about the program to me.

If you like FontPower, please feel free to give this version of FontPower to all your friends, co-workers, and the like.

Although I've tested FontPower quite thorougly, there's still a chance that something could pop up. In the circumstance that you do something that causes you to damage font files, ini files, etc., that's your problem and I'm not responsible for it. Of course, if you think that you've found a bug, feel free to contact me vie email and tell me about it.


NOTE: Although FontPower has not been tested under ATM 2.5, there shouldn't be anything there that would prevent it from running. It's always safe to make a backup of ATM.INI. If you find any problems running FontPower under ATM 2.5, please send a message to either Walt Knowles (71001,3354) on CompuServe, [email protected] on the Internet, or Martin Knowles on 501 Wildcat Plaza (Fidonet address 1:343/92). need the run€žw¶sºoÌkÎged{a‚^„ZW3S5OD`<`®$ $ 5bxru;rPnRj_g›dÝ aç ]é YP VW SY P

Y [ wa só oPnRj_g›dÝ aç ]é YP VW SY P
 €žx¸xºvÎv¿vÁv‚v„vPvRvvvv5vÛvÝv9v;vRv<<RäyæyZy\yoy„y›yy\ y^ yÙ yÛ yÝ yé yN yP yY y[ yõ y<< Arial HelveticaTimes New Romanll need to use the Disk Manager to add them.

Once FontPower is installed, use t

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