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This is a insert from the main documentary file and really must be stressed!

First and Most important before running File Magician!
For Best results..
1. Double Click on Window's pif editor.
2. Select 'Open' from the File Menu.
3. Select _default.pif from the selection box, then press 'OK'.
4. Locate 'Windowed' button and select to on. This is a radio button
and if a dot appears in the middle of the circle it is then on.
5. Locate 'Close Window On Exit' button and select to on. This
is a X type button and a 'X' in the square is on.
6. Now from the File Menu select 'Save As'.
7. The filename and path "C:\Windows\_default.pif" should be hi-lited
in the file name box, if so, press 'OK', if not enter in your
windows path adding the _default.pif filename and click 'OK'
8. A Dialog box will appear and inform you that the file already
exists and ask you if you wish to 'Replace existing file?'. Select

Doing this is the only windows adjustment that you must make. You may then
decide where you wish place File Magician and what icon you may want it to
Programs such as any of the Pkware products, lha, and arj, really should
be in your dos, windows, or systems, directories. Windows it seems does
not really honor the path environment as much as it claims when executing
external programs. If you have trouble with the Archive Commander then
place these programs there.

NEXT Important thing.. File Magician's Configuration..

Terry Bullard