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How To Register
Send a Check or Money Order to the address listed below in US Funds.
The current price is still $40.00 US. There will be a increase with the
next release of FM. Please see documentation.

Terry Bullard
Bullard Software
3291 Mt. View Rd.
Ferndale, Wa. 98248

Sorry but no Credit Cards.

What You Get
Once you register, we will send you 'File Magician' without the dialog boxes
that appear when any item is first clicked. The program will be the lastest
update of File Magician V3.5. A printed manual, that to begin with will be soft
bound. With the planned growth of File Magician it is not feasible to have
any other type of manual. The cost of re-printing such would be terribly high
and unfair to pass this unneccessary cost on to you.. You would be placed
on our mailing list and would be notified immediately by mail of future
updates of File Magician and any new products we develop. The package will
be postage paid by us.
AND Most important a Real Gold Nugget!!!

Thank you very much
Terry Bullard