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$ÝO_ A”ÝìÿZp…Z|Ü|}OÇZð̳ZðWøn|`aä÷ðpø|÷ð›}n|`gä|ð›øZ÷Ün|æn}n}È%Z`g.¹|ÔÀ~1}ZðÌn|âÎ n|`gãn}Ýòÿ|ø~Š÷ùÓS¤ÈPn|øZ÷ùÓyíóæ}~v|Pn|âÎ~’~ùÓS¤È~+ùÓyõP~zn}n}Ýìÿ–Z|ùÓeæóP~¾ð›}|n|âÑš¥m™Ýðÿ^6ˆuˆ^5ˆvˆb™Ýàÿ™eæ — š`•Ýðþg0Ñ „zuˆ:yñ~
h„ˆ„uˆ„m-ÝðÿúXx3/‘i0>ÑOáV¹ \Ä‘:yèÝæÿI¾–ðÌø``÷úÍàà™š`•ŒÈË v07¡Ù"¤Òïûk…vv v-J
JvvÚ Ö î ŒØEU‰åŽØWVì ÇFô‹æ ‹ä ‰Fö‰Nø‹Fô;Ü }.Ä^ö&ŠG2ä;Fu ÿvôšH/všçÿFô‹Nø‹FöƒÀ‰Fö‰NøëÉF=lAïÀ+ Fast File Find for Windows Help¬ £ ÿÿÿÿ 9ÿÿÿÿE1ÍÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿEÙContents”u Ùm ¨€ë€€€‚ã€\š=‰‚ƒ @‚ãÓ`+B‰™€L¶´ˆ 7Ú jfÀ¡´MK‰ÿHELP CONTENTS `Intro€ductiono Descrip0 Copyrightiscl aimer&ReÀquiremÁ5LicensingASuggesOs UBug,por' Future Enha„nc=€mita1 ò?B @R Drive(s) to >St˜art00+,ˆon/¿eleÎ }Menu T6P07
  ^Commands 1µ*Ï1E
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š‘Å.}PÀ n€‹%¢Â€0pPÿINTRODUCTIONs)±Ois a §locŒx°Windows. Some of Á¢Ø¿:*Ïll aëso 3 qworkG!Wà[whil@e #©§õinÏ `‚. 3õ' Rowed Ab ilityê!¡ˆÓ}Èùª0 8CutS•Š µ"«xrdl 6aŒ£§ÿUn…j Eas!S 3Döterface.COPYRIGHTFor O (C) D. Munro 19 92,93ŒDISCLAIMER!¥Kícs /NO WARRANTY writ× HimpliÕ Use íat 2r own risk~ACKNOWLEDGM“ÿ‡1regis¦ed tr`ademaZ1Inc·ÿk„Cð T€ÿ/7$4ÿa ò“REQUIREz@ 802$86»d¼O3.1 @LIC@ENSINGû0h as beèð d ±d«ri buw#freewareüYo~DÉc³it " Ðnot ¥lpmake mon~eÔßc'šEáway%SUGGES¬S AND BUG REP$OR1If|»ÈWquxD, ›œ$š,‰s’t ifŽ1stumbla acros®Wbugsz ", IP qb¸c©act&t :  ,e : CCAHDM@BELUGA.UPE.AC.ZA%Pó Elizabeth Te chnik–BBS (041)€ 534278H(2400,N,8,1 U3Duplex)H.O. Box 128”54C7raXlRV}Ö2 ¸2€­úRö±ÿš7 ELIZABETHÑ6001ØSh Africa|FUTURE ENHAN*C#RP(i4  ¹eƅ$ Mak²#Hü€. At pr“nt (KD WB)gÛ
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1Uÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ£$N£"tÝ>á1Vÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿá@ùX®£ù<€ F€){ă/oq?ÿSTARTxTSEARC.Hú1…#
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ÿÿÿÿ‡J@6s MenuϘNJ@D V€1_Š¤Wà#5~U
ËÝvari”ou›Þp ff+3a .´*+W…%]ùòàcheckÕ
¯Ù¸Y×Úé7'Êe"…, :R?PLAY˜XIZEzßúù› ÿÚA ¤Ë<9[R» ©¹a€jO DhATE*.T°XЅÍ}¾&" ÉÕ7//Ç  2²² I’3'2OCÝ r@ol Pan,’a>alÞsÑ/‡J@NLWAYS ON TOPMßis ù#+)always Yon top of á*s .1‡{@1Uÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÿÿÿÿ{@Ÿ@$J@Ÿ@" €€€ÿO,{@î@1ûÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÿÿÿÿî@šE+@ion/Deselection UMenu/‹Ÿ@C1 0€€€€‚‚‚€€‚‚ÿ ÿÿÿÿËEïE$šEïE" €€€ÿL!ËE;F1"ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ;F € ing Commands on Found *sšïEÕHH ^€7€€€‚‚‚ãÓ`+‰ã™€L¶‰‚‚ãÚ‰ãÚ‰‚‚‚‚‚ÿFEATURE#provides a £whereby 3É¡Ó }on «µby §ô. Is to ¯to ¡}on «µ]: First õ±«by Ÿa § n Uselecting  ˜ to õas described previously. Aª on 'to ¡ }or ËÞ AAll if 3-}to Üe on S «´. }3- d in Þal }›terminating each { by èing . To Ôs of «in  }Ùof ion ts Æed below. 9 e m(with picture of gallows on it). To émÑσã mUéÅmor TAB key to cycle through €s until m has input focus (this is ‹by a ‘ ï_inside of l), é SPACE.é;FÛJ2 2€Ó€€‚€€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿEMBEDDED SUBSTITUTION CHARACTERS IN Normally %äing a DOS {on a ©3 1Q©to DOS {line eg DEL &. In case however there )be Ó§Ôs 'we want to automate  ëof DOS }on. To do #Rows 3 to a ion upreceded by a &. Hse ]:&p = Gfull path Õeg \FOO.BAK &f = G§ÕÛeg '&d = Gdirectory ÕÛeg  &l = G—letter (and colon) Ûeg C: So now if 2r {is DEL &P ±each ù§ Áfull Õ)be ed instead of &p % {is  d.úÕHõL4 6€õ€€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿEXAMPLES1 : To ‰S.BAK «on ™C, D UE.E*.BAK in §n U÷™ C,D UE to õon —ûÇ h, éto ­S.BAK «on  ˜.AS«AAll ßon  Ê.Now  del &p in Þal }›Ué l.Alternatively 3could œ  DEL &F %ed ±example ±\FOO.BAK 1lead to ®ing sequence of }: C: CD  DEL ' ¼ÛJ €- (€y€€‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚‚ÿ 2To compile ùìs '»a make §called /on —C.E/in §n U÷—C to õon —ûÇh,  éto ­S.'s on  –.A«3-to compile.®ing in }›: NMAKE /a /f &F õL €ïE1õL=€1Uÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ=€a€$ €a€" €€€ÿ1=€ÿÿÿÿ1ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ¹°XHelvf the substitutTimes New RomanisteSymbolw.
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Example ÿÿ%ÿÿÿÿ&d&f&l&p Always on TopClipboardCommand AutomationCopyCut Date and TimeDisplay$DeSelect All(DeselectingFiles,DOS Commands0Drive Selection4Edit Menu8Execute Commands<File Specifications@Iniatiating SearchDOptionalCommandsHOptions MenuLSearchingPSelect AllTSelecting FilesXSize Display\Spec`Starting Searchdÿÿ,I +Ÿÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,t ŸÔÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,Œ ÔÖÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,¤ +Öäÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,Ï ä÷ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,ç ÷ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,ÿ © s NeOptionalCommandsl ÿÿ Introduction-#dð9@Fð9Ô?~_ÿÿÿÿªp~_-#xð9VFð9®~_ÿÿÿÿ¦?~_ ÿZ€,Š +¦Ãÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,µ 0ÃAÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,å A{ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,ý {Áÿÿÿÿðÿÿ, ÁÒÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,- Òßÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,E ßðÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,] ð÷ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,u ÷ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ, ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,¥ 
ð9?Kð9HD~_"ÿÿÿÿ2\Q, €ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ, xGÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,x vÿÿÿÿðÿÿ“ÿÿ,È 0'ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,ø ':ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ, ":Mÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,2 0MÍÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,b "Íéÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,„ 0é™ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,´ "™¨ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,Ö ¨ÿÿÿÿðÿÿ,î-#
ð9-Nð9/&;)Lzèì ÀuÿvêVèÿÿøÿÿÿÿContentsuwIntroduction  Entering File Specificationsy{Drive Selection¶¸Starting the SearchÌÎOptions Menu€€File Selection/Deselection and the Edit Menuê†ì†Executing Commands on Found Files+ÒRPšf2e.‹ð‰Vú Ðu
Ž00&ǘ^ë¾ÿvþW‹FúPV‹øšüÞ-ƒÄŽ00&ǘ^‹Æ‹×^_‹å]ÊU‹ìV+ÀPÿvÿvš R.ƒÄ=ö÷Þ öu ƒ>Êt¸ ë+ÀŽ00&£˜^‹Æ^‹å]ʐU‹ìì‹N‹F
Áu ¸ÿÿ‹å]Ê‹F
PQ†üþP¸Pÿv荆üþPšºü.@‹å]ÊU‹ìƒìWV‹^‹F ÃuŽ00&ǘ^+À™él‹F‹û‰Fô~ÿu%‹v
ÿvPW‹F PV‰vî‰Fðš8S+0ƒÄ
&ÆöFu‹vë?‹v‹ßŽFô^ø&€?t.‹Fü+Føy+À‰Fþ;Æ~‹ÆP‹ÇŒÂFøRPÿv ÿv
+vþöFt<‹ßŽFô^ü&€?t.‹Fú+Füy+À‰Fþ;Æ~‹ÆP‹ÇŒÂFüRPÿv ÿv
+vþöFt<‹ßŽFô^ú&€?t.‹Fö+Fúy+À‰Fþ;Æ~‹ÆP‹ÇŒÂFúRPÿv ÿv
+vþöFt:‹ßŽFô^ö&€?t,ŒÀPW‰~ê‰F욺ò0ƒÄV‹Fê‹VìFöRPÿv ÿv
‹V ^_‹å]Ê U‹ìV‹v
‹F Æt&‹N‹F Át‹FPQ‹F PVšÒ¯0ƒÄ=À÷Øë+À^‹å]ʐU‹ìƒìWV‹~ÿvÿvšº+1ƒÄ‹ðŽF&‰5Ä^&‰7+À‰Fþ‰FúÄ^
Ž^ëYŠ*ä=\twL,.t þÈt, t'ë>ŽF&‰5ë5ÇFúDŽF ‹Ù&‰‹FüŽF&‰ëÄ^&ǍDÄ^&‰ŽF ‹Ù&‰F‹^€8u ¸Y,ŽØƒ~úu Ä^&‰7ëÄ^
&ƒ?.u ‹FüŽF&‰^_‹å]ÊU‹ìƒìVÿv
ÿvÿvè6‹ð‰Vþ Ðu!¸P¸Ì*P¸Pš`3U2ƒÄ¸PšÎX1ƒÄ‹Æ‹Vþ^‹å]ÊU‹ìƒìV‹F‹VƒÒ‰Fü‰Vþ Ò|-=ðÿv&¸P‹FüƒÒÑêÑØÑêÑØÑêÑØRPšWO´2ƒÄë
Pš5I2ƒÄ‹ð‰Vö Ðu+À™ëX‹F‹VŽFö&‰&‰TŒÁƒÆ‹Þ‰Nî‰vü‰Nþ‰Fø‰VúöF
@t&‹Fø‹Vúƒnøƒ^ú ÐtÄvüƒFüsFþ
&ÆëڋËVî^‹å]ÊU‹ìƒìWVÄ^ ƒë‹óŒFö&‹&‹WƒÒ ÒuT=ðÿwO‹F‹VƒÒ Òu?=ðÿw:‹FPVš¼N¨2ƒÄ‹ð‰Vö Ðt‹F‹VŽFö&‰&‰T‹ÆŒÂé +À™éÿv
ÿvÿvè»þ‹ø‰Vê Ðtä‹Fê‰~ð‰Fò‹F ‹V‰Fì‰Vî‹F‹VŽFö&9Twr&9s
&‹&‹T‰F‰Vƒ~u ƒ~ué—+Àº+FìƒÚ‹N‹^ Ûuƒùÿv+Û¹ÿÿ;Ór
w;Áv‹Ó‹Á‰Fü‰VþRPÿvîÿvìÿvòÿvðš!ª.ƒÄ +À‹NüNðFþ¹|4ÓàFò+À‹NüNìFþ¹N%ÓàFî‹Fü‹Vþ)FVéZÿÿvÿv è.‹Ç‹Vê^_‹å]Ê
U‹ìÿvÿv èÿv
U‹ìƒìVÄ^ƒë‹óŒFþ&‹&‹WƒÒ Òu=ðÿv ÿvþVšHO5ë
5p3ƒÄ^‹å]ʐU‹ìV‹v ÿvVÿv
ÿvÿvèüý‹ð‰V Ðu!¸P¸ã*P¸Pš`3O5ƒÄ¸PšÎù4ƒÄ‹Æ‹V^‹å]Ê
ŽF&Š*ä+ÒÒRPWŒÀŽF &Š *íΌÂRQ‰~ü‰FþŒÇš/&;)L4×^_‹å]ÊU‹ìƒÿÿ¸ÿÿÿÿ™€L¶{jfÀÎÚ€Ó`+ \š=wŠUô%´ 7¸¡´MKì†oòoúoooo*o5o?oHoSo]ogoqo‚oo›o¢oªo²o½oÇoÎoÕoÜoæoõoüoooo(o2o9oAoKoTo[oeoro|o‡o’ožoªoµo¿oÇoÔoÞoéoôoüoooo$o.o6o?oKoVoaojoro~o‡oo™o o¨o±o¹oÃoËoo
oo o(o0o7o?oGoPoXodoloto{oƒoo—o o¨o³o¾oÇoÕoàoíoøoo oo"o/o9oAoQo^oioqo~o‰o‘o™o o¨o±o¹oÁoÈoÑoÜoèoòoúoo ooo%o.oªÖ~_ÿÿÀÖ~_ÿÿ|Ò~_»_5oN=o¨Bo=oÐBoŽBo=o*8oj6o6oä6o§8o<o€5o=ë~_Pë~_¥å~_?ù~_™í~_Ò
oC7o"ø~_]&oëoå0o2 opovõ~_‰/oâ~_1ã~_yä~_â~_‰ã~_ä~_ÿä~_9:o`ogonoào%oD9o;oÚoáoîoÄBoÊBo÷8o‹ë~_íô~_»å~_'?o-ù~_Žç~_¥í~_.å~_=ø~_lø~_Fë~_Áë~_<õ~_Rç~_£ô~_ø~_îõ~_‰BoÙ)o'o
â~_Yì~_ˆ>o²ê~_ü8o o‚

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: